Wrong Place Review: An Uphill Battle for Bruce Willis’s Devoted Followers!

The runtime of the low-rent actioner is stretched out through the use of melodramatic padding and nasty racial comedy. I cannot deny the fact that I was watching with a heavy heart.

Wrong Place is just one more mindless B-movie that Bruce Willis has produced over the past few years. After his family disclosed to the public that he was diagnosed with aphasia, he decided to retire.

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His role is severely constrained by the crude speech and terse cuts in Wrong Place. The best way to describe him is as a prop headliner. It can be emotionally taxing to see a Hollywood legend deteriorate on screen.

They are held hostage by Jake, played by Michael Sirow, who is Virgil’s son and a neurotic meth cook. He was intending to put Frank to silence, but now he is using Frank’s daughter as bait.

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