When Will Be Dororo Season 2 Release?

One of the most-watched dark fantasy anime shows in recent years is Dororo. The original manga series by Osamu Tezuka, which was written and illustrated, served as the inspiration for the anime


Manga artist Osamu Tezuka is the author of the Dororo manga series. Hyakkimaru, the main character, has been cursed from birth, making it impossible for him to perish or be killed due to the loss of his organs and body parts.


People anticipate the new cast as well because of this new season. As Hyakkimaru, Hiroki Suzuki. As Dororo, Rio Suzuki.


Officially accessible on Amazon Prime Video is Dororo Season 1. There are 24 episodes that follow Hakkimaru and Dororo as they battle monsters. As a result, when Season 2 debuts, it's anticipated that Amazon Prime will also have it.

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The anime's first season premiered on January 7 and ran until June 24. The 24-episode season caused a stir because of its original plot and animation. Despite the series' enormous success following the premiere of the first season, Dororo season two is uncertain as there are no statistics

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