Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris: Here Is The Film Review That Aired On July 15, 2022!

It is to the film’s advantage that the title character, Ada, a war widow living in London and supporting herself as a lowly domestic, is portrayed by the irresistibly charming Lesley Manville, an actress who possesses both an effortless grace and an unrelenting tenacity on stage.

Manville does such a superb job of gaining the audience’s favour so quickly that you don’t even for a second wonder why a diligent cleaning lady with limited means would spend all of her life’s money on an unnecessary luxury like a designer gown.

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Fashion is synonymous with love in “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris,” a film that has a profound understanding of the reasons why a stunning gown or a well-coordinated ensemble from head to toe can provide the impression of being protected by an impregnable shield.

It is impossible not to support Mrs. Harris in her endeavor, particularly after she has amassed sufficient funds via the generosity of her loved ones and the people she has just met along the way.

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