Descendants 4: New Movie Coming In 2022

The production of a new film in the Descendants franchise, which is one of Disney’s most successful film franchises, has been given the official go-ahead.


The story of the film revolves around the offspring of well-known Disney princesses and villains, and it includes a number of original musical pieces and dance routines.

Mal is seen making an effort to give up her naughty ways in order to win the affection of Prince Ben, who is portrayed by Mitchell Hope and is the son of Belle and the Beast.

Cameron Boyce was one of the primary cast members, and he played Carlos.

The title of the fourth film in the Descendants franchise will be “The Pocketwatch,” according to an official press release issued by Disney+.

The production is anticipated to start in the fall, at which point fans can anticipate a release date in 2023.