Is There Any News on the Whereabouts of Arthur Koein and Andreea?

It had been three years since the events that took place in the Manschied Village in Luxembourg, and Luc Capitani had recently been released from prison.

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In the second season of “Capitani,” it is revealed that Luc is no longer employed by the police department, that he has relocated to the city, and that he has begun working as a private investigator.

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The series explores, through the lens of its characters, the different unfavorable connections that people have throughout the course of their lives as a result of the events that occur in their lives.

The chain of events was set in motion when Luc Capitani received a phone call from a young woman named Bianca.

Since it had been a few days since she had seen her friend Andreea, she begged him to look for her.

Who Killed Arthur Koenig and Andreea on Capitani? Who’s the Murderer?

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