Maulana Shahabuddin - Maharashtra's first Muslim owned Blood Bank founder passes away Featured Life 

Maulana Shahabuddin – Maharashtra’s first Muslim owned Blood Bank founder passes away

Pune: Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi – a very popular and eminent name of Maharashtra’s Social and religious circle passed away on Monday at 1 am due to massive heart attack at his Pune residence. He was 63. He was well-known religious healer, his contribution towards the social and medicine field was equally well. He was the founder and chairman of Athar Blood Bank, Solapur and played very important role in reconstruction of Makkah Masjid – one of central and oldest mosque of Solapur. Maulana Firdausi was always keen on…

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Another cleric endorses mosque away from disputed site in Ayodhya Current Affairs 

Another cleric endorses mosque away from disputed site in Ayodhya

Pune: Senior cleric and Islamic scholar Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi has endorsed Maulana Salman Nadwi’s stance that land for a mosque away from the disputed site in Ayodhya could be an option for Muslims. Maulana Firdausi in a tweet said, “The whole earth is a mosque. A place of worship can be replaced in the greater interests of the Indian Muslims and this will be a desirable step in Babri Masjid case”. Maulana Salman Nadwi who later retracted from his earlier statement quickly re-tweeted Maulana Firdausi’s tweet, reported Hindustan Times.…

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"There is nothing exist as Dalits and non-Dalits": Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi Society 

“There is nothing exist as Dalits and non-Dalits”: Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi

New Delhi: In the wake of increasing atrocities against Dalits and Muslims, All India Ulema Board (AIUB) and Mission Asha Gathbandhan (MAG) held a convention “Dalit and Muslim Sammelan” (Dalit Muslim Convention) on Tuesday at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi. The convention was organized to strengthen the bond between Dalit and Muslim under the title “Dalit Muslim Bhaichara Mission” (Dalit Muslim Brotherhood Mission). Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi, Chairman Athar Blood Bank, Solapur delivered a keynote speech as a chief guest and President MAG Dr. Mahesh Kumar presided over the function. Maulana…

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ایک بھیانک سازش Urdu Articles 

ایک بھیانک سازش

اٹھارویں صدی کے اواخر میں جب نپولین نے مصر پر حملہ کیا تو مراد بک نے جامع ازہرکے علماء کو جمع کرکے ان سے مشورہ کیا کہ اب کیا کرنا چاہیے؟ علماء نے با لاتفاق یہ رائے دی کہ جامع ازہرمیں صحیح بخاری کا ختم شروع کردینا چاہیے اس لیے کہ انجاح مقا صدکے لیے تیر بہدف ہے، چناچہ ایسا ہی کیا گیا لیکن ابھی بخاری کا ختم ختم بھی نہیں ہوا تھا کہ اہرام کی لڑائی نے مصری حکومت کا خاتمہ کر دیا۔ بیسویں صدی کے آغازمیں ارض فلسطین…

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Featured Islam 

Book Review: Seerat e Badr-ud-Duja

Author: Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi Pages: 176 Language: Urdu Price: 200 INR Purchase Online: Reviewed by: Ubaid Salfi An authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi, a renowned Islamic Scholar, author and Peace Activist. He is Founder and Chairman of Athar Blood Bank, Solapur and Masjid-ul-Salam, Ambedkar Nagar, Solapur. Seerat (Urdu)/Seerah(Arabic) which means biography, nature, inner beauty, virtue and the character. Seerat-e-Muhammad ﷺ had mostly portrayed Muhammad ﷺ as a war lord by emphasizing more on the Gazwah/Sarayah (Wars) that took place during the Prophet’s time. Although Gazwah/Sarayah (Wars) were part…

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