Hazrat Khadija's age at the time of Marriage with Prophet Muhammad 40 or 25 Islam 

Hazrat Khadija’s age at the time of Marriage with Prophet Muhammad: 40 or 25?

Hazrat Khadija, who was well-known as Tahira, was daughter of Fatima bint Za’idah and Khuwaylid ibn Asad ibn Abdul-Uzza, her father was a prominent figure in the tribe. The first husband was Abu Hala ibn Zarrara Tamimi. She bore two sons Hind and Harris with her first husband. After the death of Abu Hala, she got married to Atiq ibn A’idh ibn Abdullah Al-Makhzumi. To husband Atiq, Khadija bore a daughter named Hind. After the death of Atiq, Prophet Muhammad (saw) at the age of 25 before the prophet-hood got married…

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