Maulana Shahabuddin - Maharashtra's first Muslim owned Blood Bank founder passes away Featured Life 

Maulana Shahabuddin – Maharashtra’s first Muslim owned Blood Bank founder passes away

Pune: Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi – a very popular and eminent name of Maharashtra’s Social and religious circle passed away on Monday at 1 am due to massive heart attack at his Pune residence. He was 63. He was well-known religious healer, his contribution towards the social and medicine field was equally well. He was the founder and chairman of Athar Blood Bank, Solapur and played very important role in reconstruction of Makkah Masjid – one of central and oldest mosque of Solapur. Maulana Firdausi was always keen on…

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Distortion of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's interviews on Ayodhya issue Featured Society 

Distortion of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s interviews on Ayodhya issue and Syria comment

Recently some sections in the media have twisted Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s interviews regarding the Ayodhya issue and are calling Sri Sri anti-Muslim while also accusing him of fear mongering. It is quite absurd to hear that Sri Sri is against Muslims. If that were indeed the case, why would the Art of Living and its sister organizations get involved in trauma relief work and provide aid in the form of food, water and shelter in the conflict zones in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, etc. In fact within India too Sri…

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Myanmar Army is not the first to receive weapons; Israel provided arms to regimes with controversial human rights records in the past

Middle East Eye (MEE), an online news portal on September 4 reported that Israel continues to supply arms to the Myanmar army, which human rights groups say, is involved in the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims. Israeli arms companies like TAR Ideal Concepts have trained Myanmar’s Special Forces in Rakhine state and as per human rights groups and Burmese officials, the weapons include more than a 100 tanks, and weapons and boats used to police its border. It is important to note that US and the European Union (EU) have…

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Triple Talaq uncovered All you need to know about Supreme Court verdict Current Affairs Featured 

Triple Talaq uncovered: All you need to know about Supreme Court verdict

In a historic verdict on Tuesday Supreme Court of India has ruled that triple talaq in one sitting among Muslims was “void, illegal and unconstitutional”. I have tried to uncover Triple Talaq in detail and the reactions that followed after the Supreme Court verdict. Some sections who were against the ill practice are showing their happiness more than ever and hailed it as a day for gender justice in India and some are terming it as interference in religious freedom guaranteed in section 25 of constitution. It took more than three…

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Nine British Muslims have cycled 3,000 km from London to Madinah in 6 weeks to perform Hajj Featured Life 

Nine British Muslims have cycled 3,000 km from London to Madinah in 6 weeks to perform Hajj

Hajj Riders, A group of nine British pilgrims cycled 3,000 km on their way to Madinah covering lands such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece and Egypt in their six-week long journey from London. The group was accorded a warm welcome by Saudi authorities and cycling enthusiasts. Saudi Cyclist Association and Taibah Cyclist Association, under the patronage of Saudi Sports Authority, received the pilgrims at a traditional ceremony by beating drums and showering rose petals. The pilgrims were allowed to drive directly to the Prophet’s Mosque where they offered…

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Married Life! A bumpy ride for two smooth people Featured Life 

Married Life! A bumpy ride for two smooth people

Marriage is the ultimate bond between two partners. It is the only relation where you fall in love every day with the same person. You made a vow to love one another for better or for worse, but sometimes things go out of control and two smooth people have to go through a bumpy ride. Marriage helps someone to prosper and for some it ruins their life. How same thing can be beneficial for someone and disastrous for other? The answer is marriage itself is not the culprit but the…

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Vande Matram A revered song for some and controversial to others Featured Society 

Vande Matram: A controversial song for some and revered to others

Recently Madras High court has made it compulsory to sing Vande Mataram in educational institutes across Tamil Nadu. Also Mumbai civic body passed a resolution to mandatorily sing Vande Mataram in schools. Nowadays some or the other news related to singing Vande Matram or some fatwa against it become a routine. Before getting into the right or wrong of it, let’s first discuss the origin of this song. Vande Mataram is a poem composed by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in 1870s and later included in his novel Anandamath in 1881. The first…

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Current Affairs Featured 

Large protest against Mob-lynching in Pune

Mob lynchings, a new normal in today’s India have started getting resistance from conscious minds. The silence has been broken, and at least some Indian citizens are saying NO to hatred and violence in the name of religion and caste. A Facebook campaign #NotInMyName which triggered protests in several cities of India on Wednesday June 28, 2017 has spread across India and Several protests across cities were registered after the campaign #NotInMyName where citizens gathered to protest rising incidents of mob violence on Muslims and Dalits. On Saturday July 15,…

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Indo-China war Current Affairs Featured 

Game of Territory: India vs. China

Border scuffles between India and China have long history but the latest spat has the potential to spiral into the conflict between the two rising Asian powers armed with nuclear weapons. The tension between two countries has escalated after June over a patch of disputed territory in Dokalam region at the tri-junction between India, Bhutan and China. India and Bhutan consider the region to be the Bhutanese territory; China claims the territory as its own. Bhutan being a traditional close ally of India, often receives financial and military assistance from…

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Qatar Crisis Current Affairs Featured 

National deterioration of the Arab world

Autocratic rulers and the lack of bright-hearted religious scholars are inviting West’s imperial powers to rule on them. The green fields which are blooming are seen to be destroyed by the hands of ignorant. The cloud of anger and wrath is hanging over the heads and we are so heedless that the purpose of the one with purpose is going to end the purpose. The employment is going to confiscate the right to work. When the fruitless and hard trees will be shaken under which every kind of poisonous snake…

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