Why Allen Allows Himself to Be Captured By Anissa In Invincible Season 2, Part 2!

As the season two episode seven titled “I’m Not Going Anywhere” concludes, Allen the Alien consents to being apprehended by Anissa and subsequently transferred to a Viltrumite penitentiary. In the midst of an interminable loss of life throughout the universe, Allen and his allies have been devising a strategy to counter one of the most perilous forces in the cosmos.

The majority of season two of Invincible has been devoted to Allen’s endeavors to change the course against the Viltrumite Empire. At first glance, this would indicate that Allen’s future could prove to be problematic, particularly in light of Anissa’s probable declaration of intent to analyze and dissect Allen’s distinctive set of abilities.

However, Allen’s decision entails a deeper complexity than initially perceived. Allen’s confrontation with the contentious Anissa and his willingness to forfeit a fight he had the potential to win demonstrate the character’s transformation in strength since his initial appearances on the show.

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Yet, Allen the Alien’s consent to being captured has a deeper, more significant rationale. In the event that Invincible reenacts the events depicted in the source material, Allen’s choices may prove to be pivotal in determining whether or not to liberate a highly potent character from captivity and initiate a critically significant plotline in the comics.

After Almost Dying, Allen’s Plan Demonstrates How Much Stronger He Is

The fact that Allen was able to outwit Anissa and other Viltrumites with ease further demonstrates how strong Allen has grown. Allen could hold his own against the likes of Invincible when he first appeared. However, in the first half of season 2, he was overpowered by Viltrumites and nearly killed.

Why Allen Allows Himself to Be Captured By Anissa In Invincible Season 2, Part 2!

But after healing from those wounds, Allen has proven to be able to keep up with Anissa and endure the Immortal’s strength with ease. Considering how powerful Anissa was shown to be earlier in the same episode, this is really amazing.

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The Viltrumite warrior was too strong for Invincible to contain, and he hardly dealt any damage to her. They didn’t do much to slow her down when he did.

Allen, though, has the ability to harm Anissa. Season 3 of Invincible is expected to focus heavily on the impending battle against the Viltrumite nation, therefore some characters will need to demonstrate their might in the face of the most dangerous expansionist nation in the universe. After nearly dying earlier in Invincible, Allen has become stronger, as seen by his battle with Anissa, and this fight paves the way for him to play a significant role in the film’s future.

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