Poké Legends Z: A Game For Nintendo Switch In 2025

They told everyone a big secret during the Pokémon Presents stream on February 27, 2024, which was also Pokémon Day.

They talked about a new game called Pokémon Legends Z-A that will be available all over the world for Nintendo Switch in 2025.

Fans can get an early look at what’s coming by watching a video that the company shared.

Getting To Know Lumiose City In Pokémon Legends Z-A

Lumiose City, which you may know from the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon X/Y games, was shown in the video as part of an exciting plan to build up the city. The plan says that people and Pokémon will be able to live together peacefully.

About Arceus In Pokémon Legends

A fun fact is that the colors in the “Z-A” part of the game’s badge are the same as the legendary Pokémon Zygarde from the X/Y games.

Fans think that Pokémon Legends Z-A might look into the history of Kalos in the same way that Pokémon Legends: Arceus looked into the history of Sinnoh.

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About Arceus In Pokémon Legends

When it comes out in January 2022 for Switch around the world, Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes players back to the Hisui region, which is an older version of Sinnoh from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

In the game, players go to Jubilife Village and join the Galaxy Expedition Team’s Survey Corps to look around and learn about Pokémon.

They can ride Pokémon, make things, take pictures, and change how their masters look. But players need to be careful because wild Pokémon can fight while they’re exploring.

A Look Back At Pokémon X and Y

In October 2013, Pokémon X and Y came out all over the world for the Nintendo 3DS. X/Y didn’t get a third version or a straight sequel like other mainline Pokémon games did.


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