Is Jo Koy Dating? The Standup Comedian Who Broke Up With Chelsea Handler

Is Jo Koy Dating? People know Filipino-American entertainer Jo Koy for both his acting and his stand-up acting. They were married from 2003 to 2013. Her stage name is Nura Luca, and she is a singer-songwriter.

They have a son together, whose name is Joseph Glenn Herbert Jr. Through the years after their split, Jo and Angie stayed friends for the sake of their son.

No matter what he’s working on, comedian Jo Koy is always good at making people laugh. Since he made his big stage debut on Easter Sunday 2022, a lot of people have been curious about the Hollywood entertainer, including his past and present relationships.

Who is Jo Koy?

Joseph Glenn Herbert is an American stand-up comedian and actress who goes by the stage name Jo Koy. He often joined the group on Chelsea Lately, an E! late-night show.

Since then, Comedy Central and Netflix have put out a total of six comedy shows with him. Koy hosted the 81st Golden Globe Awards in 2024, but it got bad reviews.

Is Jo Koy Dating?

The man who gave birth to Koy was white and in the US Air Force in the Philippines when he married Koy’s Filipina mother. He graduated from high school in Tacoma and soon after moved to Las Vegas with his family. They had lived in Spanaway, Washington, before that.

Who is Jo Koy’s Ex-Wife Angie King?

She is an American Filipino singer and artist, and she used to be married to Jo Koy. “Nura Luca” is the stage name most people know her by. The first time she saw Jo, he was just starting his career. They soon got married.

The couple was said to have helped each other through their ups and downs. Their boy, Joseph J. Herbert Jr., was born in 2003. They broke up in 2013 because their marriage couldn’t work out.

The ex-couples decided to co-parent their 18-year-old son after they got divorced and stayed close friends. You can often hear Jo talking about Angie during his stand-up comedy shows, and she continues to back him in his work.

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Who is Jo Koy’s Ex-Girlfriend?

It’s been almost 20 years since Jo Koy became friends with Chelsea Handler. She often appears on her late-night talk show. In September 2021, they made their relationship public on Instagram. In the summer of 2021, they began going out together.

Is Jo Koy Dating?

After going out together for less than a year, they broke up on Instagram in July 2022.

It breaks my heart to say this, but we’ve decided that right now we should take a break from our relationship. That’s what Chelsea wrote in the text. This is to let you know how much our love meant to both of us: I know many of you cared about our relationship. How much it means to me still, and how much I believe in love for all of us now.”

Jo told everyone about his relationship with Chelsea a year after they broke up.

In July 2023, he said, “She’s a beautiful person, and you know, we’re still friends.” “That was a lovely time. Right now she’s doing lovely things. I only love her the most because she’s killing it right now.

In the early 2000s, Handler and Koy met through a mutual friend, Jon Lovitz. What started as a friendship quickly turned into a love relationship. The two comedians started dating again in August 2021, after getting back together at the end of 2019.

In September of that year, they came out as a couple. They had many great times together before they broke up a year later. Even though they broke up, they are still friendly. When Handler wrote on Instagram in July 2022 that she had lost faith in men, she thanked Koy for “renewing her faith in men.”

Currently, Does Jo Koy Have a Girlfriend?

In July 2022, Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler broke up, and he is now single. His recent Netflix stand-up special, “Jo Koy: Live From The Forum,” and the release of his movie “Easter Sunday” in July 2022 are just two examples of how busy he is with his work. He hasn’t said anything public about meeting anyone else since he broke up with Chelsea Handler.

But he hasn’t said whether he’s single or in a relationship right now. It was seen that he was kissing an unknown woman in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of California in September 2022. He hasn’t told the public about his relationship situation, though.

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Filipino-American entertainer Jo Koy, known for his acting and stand-up work, has a son named Joseph Glenn Herbert Jr. He married Angie King, an American singer-songwriter, in 2003. They had a son together and they co-parented their 18-year-old son.

Koy’s ex-wife, Chelsea Handler, was a close friend for almost 20 years. They broke up in July 2022, but they remain friendly. Koy is currently single and working on his Netflix stand-up special and movie “Easter Sunday.” He has not commented on his relationship status, but he was seen kissing an unknown woman in September 2022.

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