Is Pete Wicks Gay? The TOWIE Star Addresses His Sexuality and Relationship Status

Is Pete Wicks Gay? In the spotlight of the attention on English TV star Pete Wicks, best known for his time on the ITVBe reality show The Only Way Is Essex, people are more interested than ever in his personal life.

Now that Pete Wicks has been in the news for an emotional reunion with his close friend Sam Thompson on I’m a Celeb, he is the subject of sexuality claims on the internet.

A possible sexual relationship between him and Sam Thompson has sparked a lot of interest in the question: Is Pete Wicks gay?

Read the story and look into the details of Pete’s life related to this topic to find out the truth about his sexuality.

Who is Pete Wicks?

An English TV figure named Peter James Wicks was on the ITVBe reality show The Only Way Is Essex.

Life and Career

His birthday is November 1, 1988, and he was born in Harlow, Essex. That same year, Wicks joined the cast of The Only Way Is Essex for its fifteenth season. He was seeing Megan McKenna, who was on Ex on the Beach, from 2016 to 2017.

Is Pete Wicks Gay?

Bear Grylls and Wicks were both on Celebrity Island in 2018. Wicks was on the sixth season of Celebs Go Dating in 2019. He later came back to the show the next year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to be on Celebs Go Virtual Dating.

Is Pete Wicks Gay?

Not at all, Pete Wicks is not gay. Even though Pete Wicks’ sexuality is getting a lot of attention and gossip, it’s important to set the record straight.

Pete and his close friend Sam Thompson took their friendship to a whole new level on a risky shoot for New! magazine in 2019. This is what seems to have caused all the confusion.

People talked openly, shared a bathroom, and even posed in bed together during the shoot, which created a cheeky and suggestive atmosphere.

But Sam and Pete were quick to make it clear that they were friends and not just friends. Sam said, “I do not want to see his k**b.”

Pete added a fun touch by remembering a time on Celebs Go Dating when Sam openly talked about private things. In the end, the photo shoot was just for fun and had nothing to do with Pete Wicks’ real sexuality.

Pete’s background of only dating women shows that he is straight.

Who is Pete Wicks Dating at the Moment?

It looks like Pete Wicks is living a single life right now, with no plans to meet someone special soon. Even though the English TV celebrity has been in relationships in the past, including a very public one with Megan McKenna, his love life has taken a lot of different turns since then.

Is Pete Wicks Gay?

His relationship with Megan, which was shown on The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) for a year and a half, became unstable when she was accused of cheating on him. Eventually, the couple broke up because their relationship had become “toxic.”

Pete began dating Shelby Tribble, another TOWIE cast member, in 2018. This was after his relationship with Megan. But Pete got into sexting scandals again, which led to a painful split. Everything seemed to be repeating itself.

Shelby talked about her sadness and how she found flirty and x-rated texts from different women, along with naked pictures of them, just before she was supposed to go to a friend’s wedding in Croatia.

Even though Pete has been in relationships in the past, he is not in a relationship right now. His past relationships, which include dates with Jess Wright, Verity Chapman, Harriette Harper, Jacqui Ryland, Megan Barton-Hanson, and others, show a wide range of styles.

It’s unclear whether Pete will continue to enjoy being single or start a new personal relationship. For now, he seems to be taking a break from the complicated world of love and relationships.


Pete Wicks, an English TV star known for his role on ITVBe’s reality show The Only Way Is Essex, has been the subject of sexuality claims online. Wicks, born in 1988, has been in relationships with Megan McKenna and Bear Grylls and appeared on Celebrity Island and Celebs Go Dating.

He is not gay, as his friendship with Sam Thompson was a risky shoot for New! magazine in 2019. Wicks is currently single and has been in relationships with various women, including Shelby Tribble.

It is unclear whether he will continue to be single or start a new personal relationship.

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