Is BoyWithUke Gay? Separating Fact from Fiction About His Sexuality

Is BoyWithUke Gay? BoyWithUke, a Korean-American alt-pop singer and musician who is famous on the Internet, hides his face. With the help of his songs “Toxic” (2021) and “Understand” (2022), he became popular on the social media site TikTok and is now one of the best-known anonymous artists there.

He is signed to Mercury Records (UMG) as of right now. But despite the mystery surrounding his eerie songs and hidden identity, many people have been wondering: is BoyWithUke gay?

Since he is an anonymous artist who keeps his personal life a secret, people are interested in finding out what his sexual orientation is.

In this piece, we go deep into BoyWithUke’s life to find out the hard-to-find truth about his sexuality, shedding light on a part of his identity that has been hidden behind a mask.

Who is BoyWithUke?

American singer, songwriter, and producer BoyWithUke is known for his songs that are popular on TikTok. He hides his face by putting on a mask with two round eyes. He hasn’t said what his real name is yet.

He makes alt-pop songs with the ukulele, guitar, piano, and cello. He has put out songs and EPs like “Toxic,” “IDGAF,” “Faded,” and “Antisocial.” He is currently signed to Mercury Records and has more than seven million fans on TikTok.

Is BoyWithUke Gay?

BoyWithUke is not gay, though. Even though not much is known about BoyWithUke’s personal life, which has led to rumors about his sexuality, it’s important to look at the facts.

Is BoyWithUke Gay?

Even though we don’t know much about his life, there is one thing that stands out. In an interview, BoyWithUke said that he was dating someone. This should make it clear that he is not gay.

It shows how important it is to not jump to conclusions based on a small amount of information and how important it is to protect an artist’s privacy when they want to keep some parts of their life secret.

Why did BoyWithUke Hide His Identity?

In an interview with Billboard, the 21-year-old singer talked about why he acts behind a black face shield with two LED eyes that don’t blink.

“Growing up, I was in a very judgmental environment and I was bullied for my voice. “I was afraid of how people would view me if they knew it was me singing.

Having the mask, it allows me to be myself without fear of judgment from others. I want people to pay more attention to the music than to how I look.”

Who Is BoyWithUke Dating Now?

No one knows if BoyWithUke is still with the girl he talked about in the same conversation last year or not. The masked singer said this about his song “Long Drives”:

Is BoyWithUke Gay?

“It means a lot to me because I am currently in a long-distance relationship. My girlfriend goes to school in Boston, and it’s hard sometimes to have to drive long distances to see her. The song talks about some of my fears, both real and imagined, about long-distance relationships.

He only learned to play the ukulele to please his girlfriend, but it turned out to be an important part of his musical journey. In 2022, the musician, who was 21 at the time, said:

I talked to the girl who is now my girlfriend about two years ago. She showed me a film of her friend playing the ukulele at a talent show, and she said, “Oh my God, that’s so cool. She has so much ability.” Then I was like, “Oh, my God, I need to learn how to play the ukulele to impress this girl.”


BoyWithUke, a Korean-American alt-pop singer and musician, is known for his songs on TikTok and hiding his identity behind a mask. He has over seven million fans on the platform and has released albums like “Toxic” and “Understand.”

BoyWithUke’s hidden identity was chosen to protect his privacy and avoid judgment. In an interview with Billboard, he explained that hiding his identity was due to fear of judgment and the importance of his music.

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