The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vice City Mods for GTA 5 in 2023

Best Vice City Mods for GTA 5 in 2023: Vice City is one of the most popular Grand Theft Auto games, and the map is said to be getting an HD remake in the next game.

Even though Rockstar Games hasn’t shown off the new Vice City-based gameplay yet, Grand Theft Auto 5 players can try it out with mods. The modding community has a lot of tools that add the city from the old game to the new one.

This piece tells GTA 5 players about the five best Vice City mods they must try in 2023.

Five mods to make GTA 5’s Vice City more fun:-

1) HD Tommy Vercetti

Without Tommy Vercetti, the main character, the Vice City experience would not be the same. The popular GTA character was only featured in the video game in 2002, and fans still want to know where he is now. But the HD Tommy Vercetti mod by lunchxbles brings the figure to Grand Theft Auto 5.

Best Vice City Mods for GTA 5 in 2023

It makes Tommy Vercetti fully playable in the game. You can use his skin to replace Michel De Santa or make him a pedestrian. The modder says that the new character has a lot of features and facial animations. You can play the whole story of Grand Theft Auto 5 as Michael if you use Tommy.

2) Vice V (HD Textures)

Rockstar Games may be making a new Vice City map for the HD Universe, but the Vice V mod lets you play Grand Theft Auto 5 with the 3D Universe Vice City map. It builds on the original game by adding new places and graphics. With the mod, you can also add the Vercetti Mansion.

Textures in the modded places are high-quality and fit with how the game looks now. You can also go inside some of the buildings that come with the famous GTA 5 mod. The mod lets you go to places like The North Point Mall, Washington Mall, and Vice Beach, among others.

3) V: Vice City v1

The V: Vice City v1 mod makes you feel like you are in Vice City. It is a map mod for GTA 5 that makes Los Santos look like Vice City. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can go to all the famous places from the 3D Universe game because the images are so clear.

Best Vice City Mods for GTA 5 in 2023

Jestic, the person who made the mod, says that you need the FiveM framework to run it in Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s one of the most significant changes to the game Vice City. The new places look just like the rest of Los Santos, making it hard to tell the difference between the two towns.

4) Sound Effect: Vice City Mission Completed

One of the most well-known sounds in GTA Vice City is the one that plays when a task is done. It makes you miss the game and think of all the good times you had there. Even though Grand Theft Auto 5 has its own sound effects, this mod by HarleyQuinnSquad lets you use the ones from Vice City.

As you can see in the movie above, the mod works well with the game and can be used for all missions and characters. But you have to have OpenIV set up.

5) A bunch of GTA: Vice City radio stations in one pack

Some of the best radio stations in the Grand Theft Auto series are in Vice City. Rockstar Games set the story of the game in the 1980s and added modern music to fit the mood. Many senior players still like the radio stations and songs in Vice City better than those in any other game in the series.

If you are one of these people, you should try Needle’s Vice City Radio Stations mod. They say that players can listen to the radio stations Emotion 98.3, Fever 05, and Wave103 in GTA Vice City. The sound is also compressed well so that it is loud and clear.


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