Senator Tim Scott Wife: How Did He Meet His Girlfriend in 2013?

Vice President Joe Biden presented a long list of proposals in his first address to a joint session of Congress. Tim Scott, a Republican senator from South Carolina, responded on the party’s behalf.

While some of Scott’s comments, such as “America is not a racist country,” were met with strong criticism, others, in which he described being raised by a single mother, were met with applause.

Scott, 55, presents himself as a family man, evidenced by his Twitter bio, which reads, “Just a South Carolinian living his mama’s American Dream,” prompting netizens to ask, Is Scott married?

Who is Tim Scott?

U.S. Senator for South Carolina’s 2nd congressional district since 2013, Timothy Eugene Scott is also a successful businessman. Scott, a Republican, was appointed by Governor Nikki Haley to the United States Senate in 2013. In 2014, he won a special election and two more full terms in 2016 and 2022.

Tim Scott Early Years

Scott is the son of Frances, a nurse’s aide, and Ben Scott Sr., an electrician.

Senator Tim Scott Wife

He and his mother, who worked 16-hour days to put food on the table after his parents divorced when he was seven, lived in abject poverty. His older sibling is a U.S. Army sergeant major.

Senator Tim Scott Wife

Tim Scott, a senator, has never been married.

However, he did mention wanting to start a family when he was in his forties. Scott expressed his desire for a large family to Politico Magazine back in 2018, saying that he hoped his future wife shared his desire for six children. But back then, his priority was to take care of his mom.

When I was a kid, I had to worry about my mom the most because we didn’t have much money. Scott had previously claimed, “I couldn’t even consider starting a new family until I did that.”

He went on to explain that he was in a committed relationship with his then-girlfriend but had to choose between marriage and running for the 1st District seat. The latter was obviously the victor. “I think at the right time, I will meet Mrs. Right, and she’ll want to have a couple of kids,” he said, expressing his dream for a future family. To paraphrase: “Or she ain’t Mrs Right. Right?”

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In the same interview, he discussed his background, which provided context for his dedication to his mother’s care. When Scott was seven years old, his parents divorced, and he and his brother Ben Jr. moved in with their mother to be reared. His single mother put in extra hours at her job as a nurse’s aide so she could provide for her family.

In 2013, He Had a Girlfriend

The Charleston City Paper said in August 2013 that when he made The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful List, he said he had a girlfriend but wouldn’t name her.

Senator Tim Scott Wife

She’s fantastic. He said, “We’ll see how it turns out.” When pressed for an answer on her identity, he remained evasive. Simply, he said he was “smarter than that.”

Scott has not said in interviews whether or whether he is still with his girlfriend from 2013.

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Wrapping Up

Tim Scott is a Republican senator from South Carolina who has never been married and expressed his desire for a large family when he was in his forties. Scott had to choose between marriage and running for the 1st District seat due to his commitment to his mother’s care.

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