Is Swanky Jerry Gay? Unraveling the Facts About His Sexual Identity!

Jeremiah Ogbodo, better known by his stage name Swanky Jerry, is a well-known designer in Nigeria. Jerry has built a big following and a reputation for excellent taste through his work with various Nigerian superstars, creating and styling their clothing for red carpet-events, music videos, and photo shoots. Despite his achievements, though, questions about his sexuality have persisted.

A lot of his fans wonder if the rumors about him being gay are founded on anything more than the usual prejudices toward men who work in the fashion industry. In the following article, we explore the realities of Swanky Jerry’s sexuality and clear up some of the rumors that have circulated about his personal life.

Is Swanky Jerry Gay?

No, Swanky Jerry is not a gay man. Most people assume that guys who work in the fashion industry are homosexual because of the long-held cultural belief that fashion and design are inherently feminine. Because of these conceptions, people often draw conclusions about the sexual orientation of male fashion designers like Jerry.

Contrarily, Jerry has never had a romantic relationship with a male. At the time, he is seeing his girlfriend. Swanky Jerry is obviously not gay and is straight.

People Called Him Gay a Lot When Swanky Jerry Did Activities

The Nigerian media has repeatedly implied that SwankyJerry is gay because of his behavior and appearance. There is no truth to these rumors because the celebrity stylist has never publicly addressed them.

Is Swanky Jerry Gay?
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Here are some further examples of when and why the celebrity stylist has been called gay by the public.

Dancing Like a Lady

A few weeks ago, Nigerians began calling the Swanky Jerry queer.

This resulted from the stylist’s performance of a dance at the event. In the now-viral video, Swanky can be seen dancing like a woman and twerking vigorously while making seductive movements with his body.

The Accusation Against Savage Trap Queen

Once again, Savage Trap Queen, an actress from the adult film industry, claimed that the popular Nigerian fashion designer Swanky Jerry was gay.
She lied about Swanky’s sexuality during an Instagram LIVE session with Daddy Freeze.

Swanky The adult film actress also called out Jerry’s statement on the subject, in which he requested men to stop criticizing women who appear nude on IG Live, pointing out that Jerry is in a relationship.

The Reveal of Bold Pink

Instagram influencer Bold Pink identified Swanky Jerry as a gay man in 2019. Until Swanky Jerry slept with Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Churchill, she and Swanky Jerry, whom she called a “gay man hiding in the closet,” were inseparable.

Swankyjerry, as a refresher, is a Nigerian celebrity fashion stylist who has assisted such stars as Tonto Dikeh, D’banj, Ice Prince, M.I., 2Face, Juliet Ibrahim, and Davido.

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Who is Swanky Jerry Dating at the Moment?

Swanky Yvonne Nwosu, a Nigerian fashion designer and entrepreneur, is Jerry’s girlfriend. Since 2018, they’ve been a couple. Nwosu founded and serves as creative director of Vonne Couture, a prestigious fashion house in Nigeria.

Is Swanky Jerry Gay?

Yvonne Nwosu is a well-known name in the Nigerian fashion industry due to the many occasions on which she has showcased her designs. She attracts a sizable online following thanks to her one-of-a-kind sense of fashion.


Swanky Jerry is a well-known designer in Nigeria who has been accused of being gay due to his behavior and appearance. Swanky Jerry is a Nigerian celebrity fashion stylist who has been accused of being gay by the public, including Savage Trap Queen, Bold Pink, and Yvonne Nwosu.

He is currently dating Yvonne Nwosu, a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

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