Beeple Net Worth: How Much Did His Investments Pay Off?

Beeple is an American digital artist, graphic designer, animator, and NFT seller who goes by the name Beeple. Today we will discover the Beeple’s Net Worth.

He is known as “A visionary digital artist at the forefront of NFTs,” by the British auction house Christie’s.

In his art, he uses different mediums to make funny, phantasmagoric pieces that make political and social comments by referencing pop culture figures.

In this article, we will explore the net worth of Beeple.

Brief Information About Beeple

Name Michael Joseph Winkelmann or Beeple
Birth 20 June 1981
Profession NFT artist
Net Worth $ 50 million
Relationship with Jennifer Winkelmann
Children Two

Beeple Early Life

Beeple was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, on 20 June 1981. His real name is Michael Joseph Winkelmann. His father was an electrical engineer, and his mother worked at a center for older people. Winkelmann went to college at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he got a degree in computer science in 2003.

Beeple Career

Winkelmann’s famous “Everyday” project, in which he makes a piece of art every day, began on May 1, 2007. Winkelmann’s project has been making digital art for more than 5,000 days in a row.

It was inspired by the artist Tom Judd, who drew every day for a year. Winkelmann has also focused on different media and programs in different years, like Adobe Illustrator in 2012 and Cinema 4D in 2015.

His work often has dystopian futures as its main theme and uses famous people from pop culture or politics to make fun of current events. In 2019, Louis Vuitton‘s Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection used some of Winkelmann’s works.

Beeple Net Worth

Winkelmann also works with short films, Creative Commons VJ loops, and virtual reality and augmented reality works, among other things.

He has also made concert visuals for artists like Katy Perry, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Zedd, One Direction, Wiz Khalifa, Janet Jackson, and Imagine Dragons. On the business side, NBC, Apple, Samsung, Nike, Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, and Space X are among his clients.

What is the Net Worth of Beeple?

Graphic designer, digital artist, and animator based in the United States; his works combine absurd humor with social and political commentary. CelebrityNetWorth Claim, Beeple is worth $50 million dollars.

In November 2020, Winkelmann started selling tokens that couldn’t be used to buy other things on Nifty Gateway, an online auction site for digital art. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital representations that can only be owned by one person through blockchain.

“Crossroad,” one of Winkelmann’s NFTs, was made to change into one of two animations depending on who wins the US presidential election in 2020. It was first sold for $66,666.66, and in February 2021, it was sold again for $6.7 million.

Winkelmann made “Everyday: the First 5000 Days” in 2021. It is a collage of pictures from his “Everyday” series. Its related NFT was sold at an auction at Christie’s in London for $69.3 million.

In doing so, it became one of the most expensive works by a living artist, the most expensive NFT ever, and the first NFT to be sold by a legacy auction house. The buyer, Singaporean programmer Vignesh Sundaresan, paid for the art with a cryptocurrency called 42,329 Ether. He put the full-size work on display in a digital museum.


Beeple Personal Life

In 2017, Winkelmann moved from Wisconsin to the South Carolina city of North Charleston. His wife and two kids live with him there.

Beeple Net Worth

Beeple’s Twitter Was Hacked

Michael Joseph Winkelmann, an NFT artist, goes by the name Beeple. On Sunday, February 22, 2022, hackers took over the artist’s Twitter account and used it to send out phishing messages. There was an ad for a fake giveaway raffle that cost 1 Ethereum, which is worth $1968.50.

People who clicked on phishing links were taken to what they thought was an offer: a series of new NFT works made in collaboration with the high-end fashion house Louis Vuitton. Earlier this month, Beeple did make 30 NFTs for the brand, which gave the netizens who were tricked some credibility.

Even though the hackers only had control for five hours before the real Beeple posted a warning, they were able to make more than $400,000 in that time. The first tweet made the attackers about $73,000 USD, and the second one made them around $365,000. He says that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Beeple is an American digital artist, graphic designer, animator, and NFT seller with a net worth of $ 50 million. He is known for his “Every Day” project, which has been making digital art for more than 5,000 days in a row.

Michael Joseph Winkelmann, an NFT artist, sold a digital collection of his art as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for a record $69.3 million in March. He is 40 years old and his wife is Jennifer Winkelmann.

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