Zodiac Signs and Cheating: Which Sign Is Most Likely to Stray and Betray?

In a marriage, each partner values reliability. One or both partners may entertain the idea of infidelity at some point, despite the fact that no one enjoys the thought of cheating on their partner. If this sounds like your marriage, it may be time to start looking for symptoms of infidelity in your spouse or wife.

Those who cheat because of sexual desire are more likely to go on extra dates and show affection in other ways. After all, most cheaters are impulsive and can’t help but do what they want to do, regardless of the potential consequences. They are motivated to do whatever it takes to get power and care little about the repercussions of their actions.

Yet, certain zodiac signs suffer from crippling guilt if they even consider cheating on their relationship. Look at the people involved:

1. Scorpio

Even Scorpios who are deeply loved by their partners may consider infidelity at some point. Scorpios who seek novelty or who wish to boost their confidence often entertain similar ideas. Nonetheless, many of them have difficulty adjusting to their new lives.

Zodiac Signs and Cheating: Which Sign Is Most Likely to Stray and Betray?

At one end of the spectrum, they relish the excitement of fantasizing about engaging in sexual misconduct. When they return home from work, however, they need to put on an entirely another persona to deal with their friends and family. As a result, they begin to feel guilty.

But they don’t realize that their dreams of adultery betray the troubled status of their marriage and point to underlying difficulties.

2. Cancer

Cheating is fueled for most Cancers by a lack of attraction, a lack of intimacy, or a general sense of ennui in a long-term marriage. When a Cancer becomes bored with their partner, they may start thinking about all the ways they can cheat.

They show symptoms of remorse by considering splitting up with their partner as they lie to them. Maybe that’s why some Crabs opt to tell their partners that they almost got duped by their Cancerian partners.

The motivation behind an action has a greater impact on its consequences in a marriage than the action itself. This causes their partner to question whether or not they really want to be with Cancer.

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3. Leo

Most Leos feel guilty and regretful when they want to engage in sexual misconduct. When married, a lion is likely to feel humiliated by the thought of a casual fling with a coworker.

Zodiac Signs and Cheating: Which Sign Is Most Likely to Stray and Betray?

When they’ve been contemplating how to best lie to their spouse about a planned tryst with their lover, the look on their face says it all. As they only cheat when it’s convenient for them to do so, they rarely resort to overt infidelity. They may have thought they could resume their first marriage without anyone finding out. Since they do not want an affair to permanently damage their marriage.

4. Aquarius

Cheating is a common problem for Aquarius individuals because they struggle with a pervasive sense of inadequacy. It seems that nothing they accomplish or have is ever enough, so they’re constantly on the lookout for something better. Maybe they feel like something is missing in their lives and they think finding love can fix that.

It can be difficult for Aquarius to confront their own thoughts of adultery when they are considering taking the role of the cheating partner. This is mostly because of the possible damage their actions may have caused to the connection. An Aquarius’ sense of guilt and shame can be profound. How they deal with these emotions and go on is largely up to their partner.


The effects of infidelity on a couple’s partners and their offspring can be devastating. Marriages might go through adjustments and new habits as a result of grief. Some families, however, have made it through infidelity with time and open communication.

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