The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained: Who is Responsible For the Death of Jeon Jae-Jun?

In The Glory, we follow Moon Dong-Eun, a lady in her thirties who, after years of plotting retribution against her high school tormentors, finally sets out to carry it out.

The Glory Part 2 Overview of the Story

Part 2 of The Glory begins with the bully gang reeling from the mystery surrounding Myeong-death O’s and throwing the finger of suspicion at Park Yeon-Jin. Dong-Eun, in an uncommon attempt to salvage a hopeless situation, gives Yeon-Jin one last chance to apologize for everything she’s done wrong.

Yeon-Jin then starts looking into Dong-life Eun and the people who are helping her get revenge. She finds Hyeon-Nam and blackmails her into changing sides unless she wants to see her daughter hurt. While this is going on, Yeo-Jeong comes up with a scheme to persuade Yeon-Jin to reveal the truth.

Just as Hyeon-Nam is about to say goodbye to her daughter at the airport, Hye-Jeong obtains the recording Myeong-O made that could implicate Yeon-Jin and pays her a visit. Furthermore, Dong-Eun initiates the final stage of her retribution mission.

Dong-assault Eun falls on Sa-Ra and Yeon-Jin, and they each respond in their own way. At the same time, Dong-Eun finds out about the hell through which Yeo-Jeong has been dragged. Dong-Eun takes care of the issue her mother presents while Shin Yeong-Jun and Yeon-Jin freak out about Myeong-dead O’s body.

Although Dong-Eun confronts her mother for a key piece of evidence, Yeon-Jin tries to contain the situation. After that, Dong-revenge Eun’s scheme succeeds, and her tormentors and foes begin to perish one by one.

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The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

Who Was Myeong-O’s Killer?

To keep the truth about Yoon So-murder Hee from getting out, Park Yeon-Jin had Myeong-O murdered. Son Myeong-O has been trying to extort money from everyone, so he decides to call Yeon-Jin to the changing room at Siesta, where she regularly engages in sexual misconduct.

Even after Myeong-O starts filming their conversation on his phone and threatens to expose Yeon-infidelity, Jin remains unfazed. Myeong-O then switches gears and brings up Yoon So-Hee.

The Glory part 2 ending explained

What Happened to Yoon So-Hee?

Back in high school, Yeon-Jin threw So-Hee off the rooftop and she died. Yet many things happened before she finally passed away.

In public with her pals, Yeon-Jin saw their mutual tormented, So-Hee, wearing a shirt with an identical pattern to one she owned. Yeon-Jin became extremely enraged when a poor girl dared to wear a top that looked suspiciously like hers, while Sa-Ra and Hye-Jeong laughably pulled their leader’s legs.

Who Arrests Yeon-Jin?

Together, Dong-Eun and her killer, Joo Yeo-Jeong, bring down Yeon-Jin. They initially convince Yeon-Jin to seek surgery by having Hye-Jeong invite her to Yeo-clinic Jeong’s and planting the concept in her head that she needs it.

After administering an anesthetic, Yeo-Jeong removes a small piece of skin from the wound on Yeon-foot Jin’s that Myeong-O caused. He uses this to collect her DNA and then implants it into the corpse of Myeong-O, whose funeral house he buys.

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What Happens to Hye-Jeong?

As Hye-Jeong sees optimism in the possibility of getting reunited with Jae-Jun and possibly marrying him, she breaks it off with her fiance by text. Since she is powerless to stop doing Dong-bidding, Eun keeps doing it.

The Glory part 2 ending explained

As the group continues to fall apart thanks to Dong-plan, Eun’s it’s clear how effective it is. Hye-Jeong enjoys seeing Park Yeon-Jin and Lee Sa-Ra fall from favor. As she fools herself into thinking she has a shot at Jeon Jae-Jun, she figuratively spits in Yeon-face. Jin’s

Who is Responsible For the Death of Jeon Jae-Jun?

After a fight, Ha Do-Yeong shoots and kills Jeon Jae-Jun. All through the second half of The Glory, he is irritated by Jae-constant Jun’s taunting about how many times his wife, Yeon-Jin, slept with him.

Also, he makes fun of him for having a daughter named Ye-Sol, whom he claims to be his biological child. Yet Ha Do-Yeong loves Ye-Sol more than anybody else, and he wouldn’t give up Yeon-Jin even if it meant abandoning her.

What Happened to Lee Sa-Ra?

The final act of Dong-vengeance Eun begins with Lee Sa-Ra. Sa-Ra is a junkie, so Dong-Eun takes advantage of her weakness by sending her to an abandoned area of the same building as the church she grew up in.

Sa-Ra falls for the trap and takes a hit, to the point where she starts hallucinating and masturbating to an imaginary Myeong-O. Dong-Eun, meantime, gathers the congregation together, and when Lee Sa-Ra enacts the lowest point of her life, cameras flash, catching and broadcasting her blasphemy in real-time.

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