Pine Gap Ending Explained: The Australian Political Drama on ABC and Netflix!

Pine Gap, an Australian political drama with six episodes that came out in 2018 on ABC and Netflix, has been praised by viewers all over the world. Pine Gap is an American-Australian facility in Australia that keeps an eye on satellites, drones, and whether or not their movements pose a threat to the world.

This joint defense facility is what the TV show Pine Gap is based on. Fans all over the world liked this Australian show, but the ending was a little confusing. So, read all the way to the end to find out everything about Pine Gap’s season finale.

Ending Explanation of Pine Gap:

In Pine Gap, the story is about the people who work at the joint US-Australian defense facility. When in Myanmar, a missile hits a civilian plane, and everyone is shocked by how curious they are about who did it.

Surprisingly, Moses, a worker at Pine Gap, also found the malware and was able to turn it off. The question now is who put the malware there and if any confidential information was leaked.

The US and Australian governments will work together to find that traitor so they and their countries don’t get into any more trouble. The authorities choose a few names and find out more about where they are.

Pine Gap Ending Explained

Certainly, the workers they chose seem too suspicious at first, but in the six-part series, all the information about how their personal lives affect their work lives has been explained in a smooth way.

In the last episode of Pine Gap, fans find out many things that make no sense. So, let’s talk about each of them to figure out what happened at the end of the series. So, here is all the important information about the last episode of Pine Gap that you need to know.

The Malware Attack on the Company’s Servers

Kath, Ethan, Rudy, and Jacob get important information about Moses’ bank account while they are still trying to figure out who must have put malware on the servers to make the information leak. From the start, he seemed a little strange to them, and the fact that he just spent $12,000 suggests that something is wrong with his personal life.

Soon, they’ll decide to talk to him about it, but he won’t admit that he’s the traitor because he thinks he’s too smart to put old malware in the system that got found and was easy to turn off.

Pine Gap Ending Explained

He also admits that he gave the money to a 14-year-old girl so she could pay off a welfare debt. Ethan and Rudi meet the girl to confirm the same thing, and she confirms what Moses said, that she has never been sexual with him. His reasons make sense to the police, so they take his name off the list of people who might have done it.

Rudy comes next. Even though Jacob’s name isn’t on the list of suspects, he thinks he put the malware there because he was in the communications room for 7 minutes on the day it was put there. Kath trusts Rudy completely, but she finds Jacob’s words convincing. Rudy, on the other hand, doesn’t believe the rumors about him and makes a good point that proves he is not a traitor.

Immy Dupain’s Involvement in the Pine Gap Malware Attack

Kath hears that the Shift log file of the Pine Gap has been leaked and is being shown in the news. Even though the file was encrypted and was less likely to get out, millions of people started watching it on TV.

Now that the authorities know which file was leaked through the malware, it is easy for them to find out where it came from and catch the person who has been tricking A-Crew for a long time from inside the pine gap.

Pine Gap Ending Explained

Soon, they figure out where the Shift-log file got out. It was from law student Immy Dupain’s phone. She is taken into custody as a suspect, and she is questioned by everyone. She tells them she got a message from herself, which means someone stole her phone at the basketball game and texted her number to get the USB.

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She then sent the leaked file by email to a blogger, who was soon in the news. This new information helps Kath and Ethan narrow down the list of suspects, since only Eloise, Deb, and Jasmina were at the basketball game and in the cafeteria on the day malware was installed.

The Race to Save Captain Pearson and Avoid War with China

Gus and his team are able to find out where Captain Pearson is while they are trying to find the traitor. When US officials hear about it, they try to save him. But the only way they can get to him is by helicopter, and the Chinese military has surrounded the area.

That means that if the US tried to save the captain, China would attack the US, and there would be war. Also, there is a chance that China would use nuclear weapons during the war.

Pine Gap Ending Explained

Also, if Australia, as a member of the alliance, backs the US, it would hurt Australia’s peace. So, after Kath’s words persuaded him, Gus talks the US president out of going to war and into talking to China about making peace instead. Soon, they hear that the US and China have started talking and that Captain Pearson has been moved to the US embassy in China.

Gus Chooses to Stay at Pine Gap

Fort Meade gives Gus a job offer. He is so happy to finally be able to move to a new job, but he still feels connected to the Pine Gap, so he does not send his final confirmation to Fort Meade. After talking with his father for a long time, he finally makes up his mind.

His dad calls him in the middle of the night and asks what happened with the Shift-Log. His father asks him what he does in Australia for a living, and he tells Gus that he recognized his voice from the leaked video that was on the news. He says that he is proud of his son for working so bravely at Pine Gap in Australia. Gus starts to cry, so he decides not to quit his job at Pine Gap.

The Twist Ending and Fan Theories of Pine Gap

Simon is called back to Pine Gap to look at the message sent on Immy’s phone to find the typing pattern of one of the suspects that Kathy, Ethan, and the team had narrowed down. Simon looks at the message carefully, remembers a few things, and then comes to his own conclusion. But he asks for his job in exchange for the traitor’s name.

In the end, Gus meets Jasmina, Deb Vora cries in the bathroom, and the police take Eloise Chambers into custody. In the end, it is clear that Simon thinks Eloise Chambers is the traitor in exchange for getting the job.

In the last scene, Immy meets Zhou Lin, which suggests that Immy and Zhou set up Eloise as the main suspect in the malware installation and that the real traitor is still hiding and is being helped by Immy and Zhou Lin to learn more confidential information.

Pine Gap Ending Explained

Many fans thought that Deb Vora was the real traitor after seeing her crying in the bathroom. Fans thought that Immy and Zhou Lin were trying to get her to do something against her will, and she feels bad that she told them about it. Because she gets stressed out and traumatised over the course of the series, and the reason for her depression is never shown.

So, people thought that Deb Vora was the real traitor and that Immy and Zhou Lin were helping her keep from getting caught from the outside. But the show’s creators decided to leave the ending open-ended so that fans could guess what would happen next based on their own stories and the views of different viewers.

Final Words

The Pine Gap didn’t seem to live up to what fans were hoping for. This could be because it is too realistic to understand or because it lacks the drama and excitement that fans look for in spy thrillers. Even though the reviews of the series are mixed, fans liked the plot and how the story kept getting more and more surprising.

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