Are Sza and Bill Nye Dating: Their Past Relationship and Martial Status!

SZA, whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe, is a famous American singer and artist. American TV host, commentator, and mechanical designer Bill Nye is well-known for his ability to explain complex scientific concepts to a wide audience. Word on the street has it that SZA and Bill Nye are an item.

SZA is no stranger to online dating rumors, but the most recent claim made about her personal past is possibly the strangest yet. After the success of “Kill Bill,” a popular track from her most recent studio album “SOS,” rumors began to circulate that she had an ex-relationship with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Who is SZA?

The stage name SZA belongs to American singer and songwriter Solána Imani Rowe. She debuted in the early 2010s with the EPs See.SZA. Run (2012) and S (2013), both of which she self-released before signing with the hip-hop record company Top Dawg Entertainment and releasing her third EP, Z (2014). She collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé on the song “Feeling Myself” that same year. She appeared in Rihanna’s 2016 single “Consideration.”


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The critical reception of Ctrl (2017), SZA’s first studio album, was overwhelmingly positive. Recording Industry Association of America declared it triple platinum after it spent more time in the top three of the R&B album chart than any other album by a female artist in the history of the US Billboard 200. (RIAA).

Who is Bill Nye?

Mechanical engineer, science communicator, and TV host William Sanford Nye hail from the United States. Popular culture recognizes him as a science educator and remembers him as the host of the TV show Bill Nye the Science Man (1993-1999).


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As a young man, Washington, D.C.-born Nye worked as a mechanical engineer at Boeing in Seattle, Washington. There, he developed a hydraulic resonance suppressor tube that is used in 747 jetliners. He quit Boeing in 1986 to pursue comedy full-time, and quickly found work on the local sketch show Almost Live! where he frequently performed bizarre experiments in the name of science.

Are SZA and Bill Nye Dating?

Dating allegations between SZA and Bill Nye have gone viral online, prompting curious followers to look into the validity of the reports. Apparently, SZA and Bill have been dating for eight months, according to the internet. But could it be that the rumors are true?

SZA Dating Bill Nye

Absolutely not! The relationship between SZA and Bill Nye is not currently active. Likewise, it appears that Bill Nye has found happiness with his present wife, Lisa Mundy. They tied the knot earlier in the year, and their constant public displays of affection for one another are evidence of how seriously they take their relationship.

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How did the Rumors Spread?

SZA uploaded a photo of Bill Nye on Instagram with the caption, “I miss Bill Nye, I miss when people were polite, I miss my mind going blank, lol,” sparking rumors of a romantic link between the two.

After SZA’s song Kill Bill was released, online users began to speculate that the song was designed as a tribute to Bill Nye, even though there was initially no cause for fans to suspect anything. But, this is only speculation at this point.

There is only one social media post by SZA, and it doesn’t seem to amount to anything. Before SZA and Bill Nye acknowledge their connection, fans shouldn’t start shipping them. They work together in the entertainment sector and are good friends.

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Who is Bill Nye’s wife?

In 2022, Nye married journalist Liza Mundy. Lisa Mundy has written several best-selling books and is a critically acclaimed journalist. Even Bill and Lisa’s closest bond was fueled by their shared appreciation of good storytelling.

After learning that Liza’s mother had included a notice in her best-selling book, Code Girls: The Hidden Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War Two, Bill Nye addressed a letter to the happy bride and the two tied the knot in June 2022.

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SZA’s Past Relationship

Since SZA tends to keep her personal life a bit under wraps, it is impossible to know exactly who was in her head when she composed Kill Bill. The rumor that Canadian superstar Drake “used to date SZA back in ’08” made headlines around the world in October 2020 on Mr. Perfect Now.

In response to the baffling bar, SZA confirmed that she and Drake had a scuffle in the 2000s, writing that the altercation actually took place in 2009 but that she and Drake were now “all affection all harmony.” Although they are no longer together, given the length of time that has transpired since their breakup, it is unlikely that Drake was the subject of Kill Bill’s analysis.

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