Who is Ernest Khalimov Aka GigaChad ? Is He Single Or Married?

Who is Ernest Khalimov Aka Giga Chad ?

Giga Chad is a Russian fitness Model, fitness trainer, Internet face, bodybuilder, entrepreneur from Moscow, Russia and born on 1 March 1969. Giga Chad mostly works as a model for menswear products and brands. After people start making memes of Giga Chad’s photo he comes into the spotlight. And In very short period Giga’s memes became very famous on the Internet.

Giga Chad is currently on the top most model across the globe. Giga Chad has 1 Million followers on his Instagram. And Gaga Chad launched the Giga Chad NFT collection with Krista Sudmalis in September. His NFT collection of Open Sea and Rarible with a total of 146 items created and the art project has been very successful and many people bought and sold the collections.  

Ernest Khalimov currently dating Whom ?

Ernest Khalimov is In a relation with Krista Sudmalis they both start dating each other. The couple met on the set of modeling and Krista Sudmalis is a Photographer of Ernest Khalimov and she is a creator of SLEEK’ N TEARS art project. And for the same project Giga Chad is also doing work on it. Krista Sudmalis started this project in 2010 alongside doing this work with Robert Fremer.

Who is Ernest Khalimov Aka GigaChad ? Is he single or married ?

 After some time of friendship they both start dating each other they mostly spend their quality time on the set of modeling. All Of Giga Chad’s photos were taken by Krista Sudmalis. They go for dinner and hangout together. 

Ernest Khalimov Aka Giga Chad has not mentioned any personal information and can’t reveal his love life to the media. Giga Chad makes his love life private.

Ernest Khalimov Died ? Know About His Car Accident, Is it true or Not 

It doesn’t take long for fake reports to circulate on the internet as celebrities and social media influencers get targeted by rumors all the time. They circulate the news that Giga Chad met with the car Accident and he is no more. And many social media users felt reluctant to believe the false rumors as they have come from credible sources. 

Media circulates that type of news that Giga Chad’s face is Real or Fake. And Lots of people claimed that Ernest could be a digital creation of Sleek’ N’ Tears creator Krista Sudmalis. The model’s face looks very familiar to that of Artur Farad, another person who has modeled for the project. 

Who is Ernest Khalimov Aka GigaChad ? Is he single or married ?

Giga Chad shared a post against this type of fake Rumors he said In his profile “Hello, I have read all the comments and messages,” the Instagram post says. “Think so. Must admit I’m shocked that there are so many of you and that you are not negative. Sorry for not answering. I’m not very sociable , but it was a pleasure to read. In any case I have nothing to say to you, probably because I look much more interested in your words. It’s very flattering and overshadows my commonness.”

Moreover, He added In his post : “Thanks for your kind words. Thank you for the positive energy, don’t doubt guys I mentally return it to you. Take your time and keep calm. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Yours faithfully, Average person.

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Net Worth of Ernest Khalimov Aka Giga Chad 

Giga Chad net worth according to 2022 is around $ 5 – $ 1 Millions he earned from his modeling career and according to 2023 is around $ 1.5 Millions and he doesn’t reveal any personal Information about an asserts in front of Media. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Net worth of Krista Sudmalis according to the current year ?

Krista Sudmalis net worth according to the current year is worth 900,000. Krista Sudmalis earns from her photography career and her projects. 

Does Ernest Khalimov Aka Giga Chad use his Instagram Account or not ?

Giga Chad is not using his Instagram account he last updated his Instagram account in 2022 after that because of rumors he is not using his Instagram account anymore. 

What is Ernest Khalimov’s age?

Giga Chad’s age is between 30 and 31. Ernest Khalimov is currently single and focused on his business life rather than his personal life. And he can’t reveal his personal Information he makes his love and personal life private. 

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