Who is Dirty Diana Based on? What Did Michael Jackson Say About It?

Who is Dirty Diana based on: Dirty Diana, from Bad, was released in 1988. Since its release, the song’s title has got listeners wondering who it’s about.

Who is Dirty Diana?

Michael Jackson wrote and performed the song name “Dirty Diana.” Track 9 from Michael Jackson’s Bad Album (1987). On April 18, 1988, Epic Records released the song as the album’s fifth and final single.

The song features a guitar solo performed by Steve Stevens with a heavier rock feel reminiscent of “Beat It” from Thriller (1982). Jackson wrote and co-produced “Dirty Diana,” while Quincy Jones was the producer. Groupies are the subject of the song. The tempo of “Dirty Diana” is moderate, and the song is performed in the minor key of G.

Modern music critics were divided onDirty Diana,” but the song was a worldwide commercial hit and peaked atop the Billboard Hot 100 that year. The United Kingdom, France, Italy, and New Zealand all included the song in their top 10 at the time. The song returned to the charts in 2009, months after Jackson’s June death, thanks largely to the increasing popularity of digital downloads. In 1988, a music video for “Dirty Diana” was released that had been shot in front of a live crowd.

So, What Did Michael Jackson Say About Dirty Diana? Who is Based on?

Michael wrote “Diana” about no specific person, as stated on his official website. “It was not about Lady Diana,” he claimed in a statement published on the site. Groupies are a subset of young women who frequent live music venues and nightclubs.

Then he elaborated: “This has been something I’ve had to deal with for my entire life. These ladies perform every conceivable role in the band.” “I have a soft spot for Dirty Diana. I cringe at the term “groupie,” yet that’s exactly what it is, and the book is one of my favorites because it’s the autobiography of a dedicated fan “Of his words.

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Exactly What Are the Lyrics of “Dirty Diana”?

The first words spoken in Dirty Diana are “oh no, oh no.”

Who is Dirty Diana Based on What Did Michael Jackson Say About It

Michael sings in the opening lines of the first verse, “You’ll never convince me to remain / So take your weight off of me / I know your every move / So why won’t you just leave me alone / I’ve been here twice previously, each times failing to see that “you seduce every male.”

Afterward, the song transitions into its pre-chorus, which goes as follows: “She’s saying, ‘That’s okay / Hey, darling, do what you like / I have the stuff that you want / I am the thing that you need / She looked me straight in the eye, touched me lightly at first, and then said, “There is no turning back.” To put it simply, she snared me in her affections.

The phrase “Dirty Diana” is echoed several times over the course of the chorus. In the second verse, the poet writes, “She adores the boys in the bands / She knows when they arrive to town / Every musician’s admirer as the curtain falls / She waits at backstage doors for those with the prestige / Who offer money and fame, a carefree life.”

The following chorus and pre-chorus are reworked from the original.


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