Is Fox Nation Analyst Joey Jones Married?

Retired Marine Staff Sgt. Johnny “Joey” Jones was just starting his freshman year of high school when the attacks on the United States occurred on September 11, 2001. According to him, the experience motivated him to devote his life to serving his country and restoring buildings.

Jones acknowledges that being aware of the scope of the problem provided him with significant benefits. He listened to a former student who had joined the military after serving in the military for only two years tell about his experiences in combat.

Despite the challenges of readjusting to life after combat injuries, Jones began advocating for veterans on Capitol Hill while he was still a patient at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He did this despite the fact that he was still receiving treatment at Walter Reed.

Joey Jones is a former official in the United States Marine Corps, as well as a TV personality and keynote speaker. He is well-known for his work as an analyst for Fox News, where he provides military commentary across all of the network’s media channels.

Is Joey Jones Married

After he gained popularity, a large number of people had an interest in learning everything there was to know about him, which caused everything related to him, including his private life, to become a highly discussed topic. Find out everything you need to know about Joey Jones’ wife in the next paragraphs.

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Is Fox Nation Analyst Joey Jones Married?

Johnny Joey Jones is a member of the United States Marine Corps, and his partner is Meg Garrison. The family currently resides in Georgia. She serves as the director of packages for the highly regarded Boot Marketing campaign.

She was born in Texas, more specifically in Dallas, and the fact that her campaign was awarded a platinum ranking is something that should be celebrated. This is the reason why; she doesn’t have a face that blends in with the crowd wherever on this planet since she has a sizable number of devoted followers everywhere.

Especially those who are familiar with her as a result of her servings. However, now that she is married to Johnny Joey Jones, her popularity has increased significantly as a direct result of this event.


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When Did They Started Dating?

Both of them attended Southeast High School in Dalton back in 2003, which is where they first crossed paths with one another. When Joey Jones was injured by an explosive device in Afghanistan in 2010, he and Elise Jones did not begin dating until after he had already lost both of his legs.

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She relocated to Washington, District of Columbia, and began assisting him during his rehabilitation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which lasted for a period of two years.

Their feelings for each other grew to deepen over the course of time, and not long after that, they embarked on an important journey together. They took their wedding vows on December 30, 2012, at the Marine Corps Barracks 8th in Washington, District of Columbia, the capital of the United States of America.

Is Joey Jones Married

A Glimpse Into Joey Jones Life

Formerly serving in the United States Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant, Joey Jones is now an analyst for Fox News. After serving in the navy in Iraq, Jones received training to become an EOD Technician. On August 6, 2010, he was sent to the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, which at the time was one of the most dangerous places for military personnel.

Earlier in that week, Jones and his team had found and neutralised more than forty different models of homemade explosives. After he had finished cleaning out a house, he rested for a while on a wall somewhere in the Safar Bazaar.

Jones can be seen either as a regular contributor on FOX News or as a host for a variety of shows on FOX Nation. Jones is able to be seen on both platforms.

During his appearances on the Proud American podcast, he addresses significant issues that are of national concern. In addition to that, Jones is a member of several charitable organisations and volunteers his time to advocate for former service members.

How Many Children Do They Have?


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Elise and Joey Jones, are the proud parents of four children. During the time that the former marine and his ex-wife were still together, they became parents to a son whom they named Joseph Jones. Other information about him, such as his age and education level, has been concealed from the prying eyes of the media.

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It is not uncommon to find him spending time with his father engaging in things such as shooting sports, cooking, and other outdoor pursuits. In Georgia, he resides with his biological father, his stepmother, and his half siblings.

The family unit was completed by the arrival of three girls. There is a lack of information regarding the identities of their first and second daughters. The information regarding their ages as well as their levels of schooling have been concealed, just like it was with their older half-brother.

It has been said that Joey and Elise’s youngest child is named Pete, however the couple has not yet commented on this rumour. They also made the child keep a low profile, which is the trend that is being followed by the child’s older siblings.

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