Scarlett Johansson House Tour: Gaze Into Her New York Pent house

When you hear the word “penthouse,” you probably think of views of Central Park, nice amenities, and luxurious, almost obnoxious, interiors fit for a hedge fund billionaire or Russian oligarch.

And that’s usually true in the world of high-end real estate in Manhattan, unless you’re talking about Scarlett Johansson’s longtime home.

The Sutton Place penthouse that Scarlett Johansson finally sold in March after almost two years on the market is stylish, tasteful, and big enough for a star to stay between movie shoots and stays in Los Angeles. However, it is surprisingly small for a place that was on the market for so long. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the living room is a good size. There is a beautiful terrace and a master closet that could be in a Hollywood movie, but nothing else is so fancy. We mean, it’s no wonder she had to sell it for $1.87 million less than she bought it for.

Scarlett Johansson House Tour

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