Who is NCIS Actor Sean Murray Married to?

When it comes to Sean Murray’s career, there is a lot that can be said. His portrayal as Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS is without a doubt the most noteworthy one he has played to this day. Given the abundance of other crime shows that vie for viewers’ attention, the success of NCIS as a criminal investigation series speaks volumes given the amount of competition that exists in this genre.

Since its debut in 2003, NCIS has been a ratings hit and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Viewers are interested in learning about Sean’s personal life because he is such a popular character on the show and because he plays a significant role in the cast. Is he a family man?

The early stages of Sean Murray and his wife Carrie’s relationship proceeded swiftly, which resulted in the couple getting married barely eleven months after they first started dating.

Who is Sean Murray Married to

Who is NCIS Actor Sean Murray Married to?

Carrie James is Sean’s wife, and they wed in the year 2005 and have been in a committed relationship for almost twenty years now. She is reportedly a former educator who hails from the Los Angeles area and currently works as a businessman, as stated by Briefly.

Even though Sean is a well-known actor on a popular show, she has established herself as a formidable figure in her own right. Her accomplishment just happens to be carried out in a more understated manner.

During her time spent earning her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from San Francisco State University and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Antioch University in Los Angeles, she attended both of those institutions.

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She is currently having a lot of success in life as an entrepreneur and an activist. According to her Instagram account, she likes to hang out with her friends, spend time with her children, and cherish the times she shares with her spouse.

She is the originator of a women’s network called Business Relationship Alliance, which aims to assist other women in developing and achieving success in their own individual businesses. In addition to that, she established the Prestique Academy of Innovation and Technology, which is a school for pupils with unique requirements.

Who is Sean Murray Married to

How Did Sean Murray Propose Carrie James?

Relationship blossomed between NCIS star and BRA Network creator when they both attended a mutual friend’s New Year’s party in 2004. Sean, then 25, proposed to Carrie, then 27, after she put the heat on” only three months prior.

On the Wedding Dish Podcast, she candidly discussed the speed of their courtship, saying: “We got engaged in August, well I kind of put the heat on him in June, I was like, ‘What are we doing? What’s going on?#

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While discussing the private house proposal with Sara Alepin, she said: “We were living together and I went to bed early and after I came out from brushing my teeth, he was on one knee with a ring. He thought your shoe size was the same as your ring size, so my ring was an 8.5 and my ring size is actually a 7.”

Carrie and Sean Murray wanted to get married over Thanksgiving break so that, no matter where their careers took them, they could always celebrate their anniversary together during the holiday weekend. This necessitated a quick planning process. Aside from that, she said, there was nothing to do but wait until spring break.

Their luck held out when they discovered that Lakeside Country Club, which had already been decked out for the holidays, would serve as the perfect setting for their wedding.

Who is Sean Murray Married to

“What was great was the venue had the catering, it had the linens, it had everything already there. What we didn’t anticipate was that it would already be decorated for Christmas, so it had the most beautiful lights and a tree, and I didn’t have to buy lighting. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is gorgeous!#

Though the couple’s wedding photos show everything coming together beautifully, Carrie said the one thing she would change is to hire a wedding planner.

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Do They Have Children?

Sean and Carrie currently have two children together, a daughter named Caitlyn and a son named River . In the wake of River’s birth, Carrie reportedly left her job as a teacher to start her own business, as reported by Amo Mama News. Both Sean and Carrie feel at ease posting photos of their kids online. It’s clear that they take great joy in recognising the significance of the family they’ve built together.

Curiously, their daughter Caitlyn made an appearance in the May 2, 2022 episode of NCIS. It would appear that she has an interest in taking after her famous actor father and starting a career in the entertainment industry as an actress.

To promote the episode, Sean shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram and wrote, “I am pleased to introduce my daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, into the on-screen world of NCIS! Cay guest stars in our upcoming May 2 episode and I couldn’t be more proud.”

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