How Old Was Ciara Bravo in Big Time Rush? Let’s Explore Here!

Ciara Quinn Bravo is an actress from the United States. She started out as an actress when she was young. She was in the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush and the Fox show Red Band Society. She also acted in the TV movies Jinxed and Swindle, both shown on Nickelodeon.

Bravo has done the voices of Giselita in Open Season 3, Patty in Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, and Sarah in Special Agent Oso. People often search for the age of Ciara Bravo in Big Time Rush. There are many people who are big fans of Ciara Bravo and won’t know about her age in a different movie.

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How Old Was Ciara Bravo in Big Time Rush?

Ciara was 12 years old when she did the Big Time Rush. Ciara Bravo starred in Nickelodeon’s musical comedy series Big Time Rush as the naughty Katie Knight. Katie was Kendall Knight’s younger sister, a hockey player, and the lead singer of a boy band discovered by music producer Gustavo Rocque.

She is best known for playing Katie Knight on the Nickelodeon television show Big Time Rush. Katie attends Palm Woods School alongside the boys after appearing in a commercial in which all she had to do was beat up a boy in the audition room.

Take a look at Ciara Bravo Early Life!

Ciara Quinn Bravo was born in Alexandria, Kentucky, on March 18, 1997. We don’t know much about her childhood, but we do know that she started her career when she was 9 years old, in 2006.

How Old Was Ciara Bravo in Big Time Rush

She went to the Mike Beaty Model and Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas, where Bryan Leder and Frederick Levy of Management 101 saw her and signed her up.

Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?, a short play on Playhouse Disney, was her first part. Soon after that, she got a part in the music video for “Love Like This” by Natasha Bedingfield and in a few commercials.

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How Did Ciara Bravo Start Her Career?

Bravo’s career began when he was nine years old and went to the Model and Talent Expo Presented by Mike Beaty in Dallas, Texas. Bryan Leder and Frederick Levy of Management 101 were the ones who found her.

In 2008, she kept going to auditions and did a few local commercials for the Newport Aquarium. She also had a short part as an Italian girl in the hit movie Angels & Demons.

Bravo has been in two short films, Lost Sheep and Washed Up. He has also been in two TV shows, Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon and Red Band Society on Fox. Bravo is also a voice actress. In the Open Season series, she did voice Giselita.

She has also done voice work for Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, Special Agent Oso, and The Penguins of Madagascar. Bravo has also been in the movie To the Bone, which is about anorexia and brings attention to it.

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