Is Legendary Singer Janet Jackson Currently Married?

Janet Jackson has had a great life filled with worldwide fame thanks to her extensive music collection and name, both of which will be embedded in the music industry for all of time to come. Jackson’s personal life has been made both very public and difficult as a result of her reputation as a superstar, which, while it has brought her a great deal of fame, has also complicated her life.

Over the course of her life, Michael Jackson has been married three times. Additionally, she was in a committed relationship with the rapper Jermaine Dupri for a period of seven years.

The singer has, for the most part, maintained her privacy when it comes to her romantic life; however, she spoke up about her marriages and relationships in the documentary “Janet Jackson,” which aired on Lifetime and A&E. Continue reading to find more about Jackson’s past marriages, both the happy and the troubled ones.

Is Janet Jackson Married

Is Janet Jackson Currently Married?

In her new documentary for Lifetime and A&E, Janet Jackson, 55, reveals things about herself that she has never discussed publicly before. On the new show Janet, which will premiere on Friday (January 28), the legendary singer, actress, and dancer will discuss both her professional and personal life in a straightforward manner.

One of the subjects that Janet talks about is the subject of her marriages. She has been married three times, and each of her marriages did not succeed in producing a long-term relationship. She is not married to anyone at present.

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Janet Jackson Past Relationships

  • James DeBarge

Janet’s first husband was a 58-year-old man named James DeBarge. James, a member of the R&B/soul singing family group DeBarge, married Janet in 1984, when he was 21 and she was barely 18. They were engaged for two years after dating for the same amount of time.

Is Janet Jackson Married

Dream Street was Janet’s second solo album, following 1982’s self-titled debut. Many saw Janet’s marriage as a protest against her authoritarian late father, Joe Jackson. In 1985, the relationship was split because of his claimed drug use.

As James said in an episode of Growing Up Hip-Hop from 2016, rumours of a secret kid between the two have lingered over the years. In one scene from the show, he tells his daughter, “I’m tired of the secrecy, I’m tired of the truth not coming forward, and people being a coward when it comes to it. And I thought it was wise for me to speak out now because it needs to be addressed.” Janet also talked about those rumors in the Janet documentary. “Back in the day they were saying that I had a child and I kept it secret. I could never keep a child away from James,” she said, according to People. “How could I keep a child from their father? I could never do that, that’s not right.”

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  • René Elizondo

Jackson began dating songwriter René Elizondo Jr. in 1987, which was two years after the end of her marriage to James DeBarge, which had ended the previous year. The couple had a covert wedding in 1991 after dating for four years before it became public knowledge.

Is Janet Jackson Married

During the course of their relationship, Elizondo Jr. assisted Jackson with her music, and the two of them collaborated on the writing of 37 songs, some of which include “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “Lonely.”

In spite of this, by the late 1990s, their marriage was already in shambles. Following their divorce in 2000, Elizondo Jr. filed a lawsuit against Jackson, alleging that Jackson coerced him into signing their prenuptial agreement and demanding that he turn over assets worth $25 million. According to “Forbes,” they reached a settlement of his case in the amount of $10 million in the year 2003.

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  • Wissam Al Mana

Soon after her breakup with René Elizondo Jr. in 2002, Jackson had a lengthy romance with rapper Jermaine Dupri, which lasted until 2009. Jackson began dating businessman Wissam Al Mana in 2010, one year after her breakup with Dupri.  The couple tied the knot in 2012.  Jackson welcomed Eissa, her first child with her husband, in January 2017.

Is Janet Jackson Married

Finally, Janet Jackson has addressed rumours that she and husband Wissam Al Mana were separated. Early in April of 2017, Ms. Jackson was spotted out and about without her wedding ring, fueling speculation that she and her husband had split up soon after the birth of their child.

Though mutually agreeable, the breakup appears to have been sparked by Ms. Jackson’s frustration with the limitations imposed by her husband’s religious and cultural norms. She enjoys being in charge, according to a “family confidante” quoted by the New York Post. “She ceded that control [in marriage] and she was not happy about it. She wants to get back to being Janet Jackson and not Mrs. Wissam Al Mana or being the obedient Muslim wife.”

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