What Happened to “Jose Luis Barbero”? How Did He Pass Away?

Jose Luis Barbero’s death: Jose Luis Barbero took care of dolphins. He died in 2015. The story of his life is told in a documentary called The Last Dolphin King, which just came out. People wanted to know how he died and what happened to Jose Luis Barbero, among other things.

This article tells us about Jose Luis Barbero, what happened to him, and what caused him to die.

Who was Jose Luis Barbero?

A Spanish dolphin trainer by the name of Jose Luis Barbero. He had a strong passion for working with dolphins in aquariums. He spent more than three decades training dolphins in various aquariums and water parks. One of the most well-known dolphin trainers in the entire world is. He was a vice president at the American city of Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium. He previously held a position as vice president at Marineland Mallorca in Spain.

What Happened to Jose Luis Barbero?

In fact, Jose Luis Barbero’s early career was very unassuming. His current wife, Mari Garcia, has revealed that the two of them met while working as wait staff at Marineland in Mallorca, Spain. Jose would stay at the park long after his shift ended to observe the more seasoned trainers working with the dolphins. His interest in the job grew over time, and he eventually made it his career.

Jose became one of the world’s most well-known dolphin trainers. A lot of people came from far and wide to see the dolphin show he created and performed at Marineland, and the show makes note of this fact. It’s worth noting that even after the new owners took over Marineland, Jose continued in his role as a dolphin trainer. According to the show, he continued to do his job as usual despite the new management’s harsh conditions.

And once Jose’s notoriety had spread internationally, he was finally accorded the respect he had earned. A massive offer to become Georgia Aquarium’s Vice President arrived in his inbox at the start of 2015. After interviewing a large pool of candidates, Georgia Aquarium’s former CEO Mike Leven said they had settled on Jose. In fact, according to Mike, the staff considers Jose to be the best in his field and an asset to the company.


How Did Jose Luis Barbero Die?

According to reports, Georgia Aquarium spent a lot of time looking into the video and hired a specialist to explain the footage. They also brought in a former FBI agent who was instructed to visit Spain in order to gather more details.

Jose had recently moved back to Spain and was living in Mallorca with his wife at this time. He didn’t talk much back then, according to Mari, and she could understand the emotional pain and anxiety he was going through. She nevertheless hoped that the Georgia Aquarium investigation would put an end to rumors and restart her husband’s career.

Sadly, fate had other plans because, in the first few days of March 2015, Jose disappeared from his house before the investigation could conclude. Mari immediately notified the police that he was missing, and Balearic island authorities organized search teams that patiently combed the local areas in search of the missing trainer. Authorities even made use of all tools at their disposal and several helicopters in the search but in vain.

Mari began to fear the worst as time went on, and on March 7, 2015, when Jose’s body was found inside his car in the airport parking lot of Palma de Majorca, her fears were realized. The show mentioned that while the police did launch an investigation into his passing, it was ultimately determined that he committed suicide.

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