How Genghis Khan Made Trillionate Net Worth and Become the ‘Universal Ruler’

Genghis Khan is recognized as one of the most significant commanders and conquerors throughout history. Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire, also known as the first “Great Khan,” would become the greatest continuous empire in history following his death. The ‘Ruler of Mongseveralted several planned invasion plans that bolstered his position as a leader and greatly increased his wealth, his position as a trillionaire demonstrating his standing as one of the most feared and strategic rulers of his day.

The ‘Silk Road’ served as a network of Eurasian trade routes from the second century BCE until the middle of the 15th century CE. Genghis Khan is credited with expanding and perfecting the legendary Mongol Empire in numerous ways, but his most notable accomplishment was the creation of the Silk Road. With the Mongol Empire exerting its influence in China and a major chunk of Central Asia, Genghis Khan’s tremendous fame and wealth were not unexpected.

How was His Life Before a Ruler

The real name of Genghis Khan is Temüjin, and he was born in 1162 at Delüün Boldog, close to Burkhan Khaldun. It is stated that he was born clutching a blood clot, a divine indication that he will become a great fighter. Khan had three brothers named Hasar, Hachiun, and Temüge, a sister named Temülen, and two half-brothers named Better and Belgutai. His father, Yesügei, was a powerful Khamag Mongol Kiyad chief and Karaite of the KeraiteHotel’s ally. Hoelun is the name of his mother.

How Genghis Khan Made Trillionate Net Worth and Become the ‘Universal Ruler’

When he was just five years old, his father was poisoned by a member of a competing tribe, causing his death. They will only follow a powerful and respected leader, therefore they abandoned him and his family. For many years, Genghis Khan’s family subsisted primarily on wild fruits.

Military Conquests

Genghis Khan began to garner respect after he escaped from the Tayichi’ud, an ally of his father. None of the Mongol tribes were united at the time. He began his ascension to power by proposing himself as an ally to Toghrul, Khan of the Keralites and sworn brother of his father. Borte, Genghis Khan’s first wife, was abducted by Markets in 1184. To retrieve her, he solicited the aid of Toghrul, who promised 20,000 Karaite warriors.

Both Genghis Khan and his childhood companion Jamukha began cementing their authority and subsequently became enemies. The two had distinct mental processes. Jamukha believes that Mongolian aristocracy is the best form of government, whereas Genghis Khan believes meritocracy is the best form of government.

In this manner, Genghis Ruler acquired a vast number of supporters and was subsequently chosen khan of the Mongols. After two years, he encountered Jamukha, whose tribe slaughtered them unprepared and boiled Jamukha alive. Genghis Khan was a brilliant military commander, Temujin was enraged when he discovered what had occurred, and in 1204 the two fought in a battle that Genghis Khan won and used to unify the Mongol people. In 1206, Temüjin (Genghis Khan) received the title of Genghis Khan (universal ruler) at this point in his life.

How Genghis Khan Made Trillionate Net Worth and Become the ‘Universal Ruler’

After achieving this feat, Genghis Khan realized that the Chinese emperor would not permit a powerful, unified nation to exist on his borders, so he began to attack first. Khan’s army was on its way to Zhongdu, the capital of China (today,s Beijing). A 40-foot-tall wall surrounded the city at the time, making it the most fortified in the world. The Mongol army was unfamiliar with the fortifications, so they kidnapped Chinese engineers to assist them to discover a way into the city.

Genghis Khan surrounded the city and severed its supply lines. The city’s inhabitants were starving to death, and many of them resorted to cannibalism. The army of Genghis Khan captured the city and elevated the Mongol empire to new heights.

The Mongol army under the command of Genghis Khan continued the conquest after his death at the age of 65 in 1227, reaching eastern Europe. Genghis Khan’s final words were, “I HAVE CONQUERED A LARGE EMPIRE FOR YOU, BUT MY LIFE WAS TOO SHORT TO CONQUER THE WORLD.” THAT I LEAVE TO YOU,” he said to his son Ogedei Khan, pointing his finger.

Genghis Khan’s Wealth

According to some Historical Sources, The estimated net worth of Genghis Khan is $100 trillion. Genghis Khan, a Mongolian warrior, and the king established the world’s biggest empire by annihilating the tribes of Northeast Asia. During his height, Genghis Khan subjugated more than 15 million square miles of land in Asia and Europe. At the time of his death, Genghis Khan controlled land valued at about $90 trillion, according to current market estimates.

Genghis Khan was born in Temujin in Mongolia in about 1162. He wed at age 16, but he had numerous spouses during his life. At the age of 20, he began amassing a vast army with the purpose of annihilating Northeast Asian tribes and uniting them under his control. The Mongol Empire was the largest in the world before the British Empire, and it lasted long after his death in 1227.

Genghis Khan held more than 200,000 tonnes of gold and gold deposits. Genghis Khan had subjugated vast mineral-rich regions in China and Mongolia that contain vast quantities of precious metals. This means that the value of Genghis Khan’s gold exceeds ten quadrillion dollars.


The most prominent wives and concubines of Genghis Khan were Borte, Yesugen, Yesui, Khulan Khatun, Moge Khatun, Juerbiesu, and Ibaqa Beki. Temujin’s marriage to Borte, a member of the ‘Khongirad’ tribe, was arranged by his father when he was nine years old, but he did not marry her until he was 16 years old. Temujin sought his then-friend Jamukha and his father’s ally Toghrul to aid in the rescue of his wife, Borte, who had been captured by the ‘Merkit’ tribe.

Within a few months of being rescued, she gave birth to Jochi, their eldest son. Temujin welcomed Jochi as his own son despite allegations that he was illegitimate. Borte was the only empress, despite the fact that the Mongol king had offspring from other women. The couple had three other sons, Ogedei, Chagatai, and Tolui, who later became Mongol empire heirs.

Genghis Khan’s Death

In 1227, just after Xi Xia surrendered, Genghis Khan passed away. The unknown is the cause of his death. Some historians claim he died from exhaustion and injuries sustained after falling off his horse while hunting. Others claim he passed away from a respiratory illness.

Genghis Khan was buried unmarked near his birthplace in northern Mongolia, near the Onon River and the Khentii Mountains, according to tribal customs. According to mythology, the burial escort murdered everyone and everything they encountered to conceal the location of Genghis Khan’s grave, and a river was diverted over it to prevent its discovery.

How Genghis Khan Made Trillionate Net Worth and Become the ‘Universal Ruler’

Before passing away, Genghis Khan granted his son Ogedei supreme authority over the majority of eastern Asia, including China. Chagatai received central Asia and northern Iran; Tolui, the youngest, received a little region near the Mongol homeland; and Jochi (who was slain before Genghis Khan’s death) received a small territory near the Mongol homeland.

Kublai Khan is among the many descendants of Genghis Khan. He is the son of Tolui, Genghis Khan’s youngest son. Kublai had an early fascination with Chinese culture and did much throughout his life to adapt Chinese traditions and practices to Mongol authority.


The dominion of Genghis Khan encompassed vast tracts of land. Numerous merchants brought expensive and valuable items to the court of Genghis Khan. After Genghis Khan’s death, his riches were given to his offspring. The territories that Genghis Khan possessed contained millions of tonnes of uranium, iron, and other metal reserves. Genghis Khan is the wealthiest individual in the world and the wealthiest historical figure.