Rush Hour 4: Is It Going To Happen Or Not In 2023?

The first Rush Hour movie came out in 1998, and it was so popular that two more were made, which came out in 2001 and 2007.

Since 2017, there have been rumors about the fourth movie in the action comedy series.

But it’s been years, and we still haven’t seen any footage of the sequel we’ve been waiting for.

Where did Rush Hour 4 go? So far, this is all we know.

Does the Production of Rush Hour 4 Seem Likely?

Rumors about Rush Hour 4 have been going around for years, but as of this writing, we still don’t know if it’s being made or not.

Let’s look back at how the planned sequel came to be.

Back in October 2017, Jackie Chan said that he had agreed on a script for the movie and that they were just waiting for Chris Tucker to sign off on the screenplay.

Tucker confirmed in February 2018 that he will be in Rush Hour 4.

In 2018, the production of a film was supposed to get underway, but for some unknown reason, this did not occur.

We received another update from Tucker in January 2019, who stated that they are currently reevaluating the script.

“We are now working on a few things on the script, and as a result, we are attempting to get into production; nevertheless, we are still working on it and attempting to get it moving. Since Jackie Chan wants to do it, I want to do it, and the studio wants to do it as well, the three of us and the studio are working together to make it happen “According to what Tucker said on the Winging It podcast.

In April 2019, fans were ecstatic to find that Tucker had posted a photo of him and Chan each holding up four fingers.


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Fans naturally thought that the photo meant Rush Hour 4 is coming after a long wait.

But in an unexpected turn, Jackie Chan’s management said the next day in a statement that Chan had not agreed to be in Rush Hour 4.

Tucker still talks about Rush Hour 4 and a couple of other projects in October 2019. He says that he and Jackie are still figuring out the movie.

Tucker told ABC Audio, “Me and Jackie Chan are talking about doing something new and different, so we’ll see,” adding, “Hopefully we’ll get something going very soon.”

Rush Hour 4 Premiere Date

Rush Hour 4

The show’s filming schedule is still uncertain. You won’t be able to receive an anticipated release date until the show’s actual production starts.

The production probably won’t start anytime soon.

Rush Hour 4 should arrive in theatres sometime in the summer of 2023, assuming the movie manages to start production this year. However, given the state of the movie right now, this could yet be postponed.

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Rush Hour 4 Cast

We have not yet received any additional news, including full casting information for Rush Hour 4, so please be patient with us. However, if lead actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were not involved, the fourth episode of the film series would be without something very important.

Only these remain consistent throughout the entire series. As a result, we are anticipating that the sequel will feature a significant number of new participants.

In the meantime, Tzi Ma, who plays Ambassador Solon Han and has appeared in both the first and third movies, is a potential candidate to return.

Soo-Yung Han, Solon Han’s daughter, is also one of the mainstay characters. However, she was represented by a different actress in each of the three films; in the first film, it was Julia Hsu, and in the third film, it was Zhang Jingchu.

Rush Hour 4: Production

Rush Hour 4

Warner Bros. Pictures was responsible for the distribution of all three of Brett Ratner’s films, which he directed individually.

Following a series of allegations of sexual harassment made by Olivia Munn, Natasha Henstridge, and four other individuals, Brett Ratner has decided not to return for the production of the fourth film in the series.

Even though he denied the allegations, Warner Bros. had already stated in April 2018 that it will not extend its first-look deals and co-financing with Ratner and his company RatPac-Dune Entertainment. This news came despite the fact that Ratner had denied the allegations.

Rush Hour 4 Teaser or Trailer

We are unable to provide a projected release date for the trailer at this time because there is still no available footage and the development status is still stalled.

Nevertheless, we will continue to keep you updated on the movie’s progress.

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