When Does Taurus Season Start: What Occurred During the Taurus Season?

Taurus season, which usually lasts from April 20 to May 20, is a break from the ferocity of Aries season and the happiness of the first warm days of spring. It is a nice break from the intensity of Aries season.

We’ve reached the best part of spring when seeds start to grow and trees start to bloom, and it starts to look like winter is really, truly over.

Taurus’s animal sign is the bull, which is a sign of strength, persistence, and tenacity. As a Taurus, this kind of power doesn’t come and go.

Instead, it is steady, solid, and based in the real world. Most of the time, this energy is practical and eager to do what needs to be done, even if it isn’t fun.

Taurus won’t give in to the wants and needs of a passing trend or trends. Taurus, on the other hand, is a patient and methodical worker who won’t let anything change their plans.

When Does Taurus Season Start

When is the Season of Taurus?

The Sun will move into Taurus on April 19, and it will leave Taurus on May 20. This season, Dossé-Via says, “Our foundations are being fixed, and we’ll find out who is really on our team.”

On April 30, there will be a solar eclipse in Taurus, which is in the middle of its season. This Taurus season, everyone should be ready for some change, since eclipses are known to bring drama, sudden changes, and reveals.


Several ancient cultures worshipped bulls and told stories about them when they saw the sign of Taurus. It was the first sign of the zodiac to be set up by the Mesopotamians, who called it “The Great Bull of Heaven” because it was the constellation through which the Sun rose on the spring equinox at that time, during the Early Bronze Age, which lasted from about 4000 BC to 1700 BC.

What to Expect in 2022 During the Taurus Season?

As a result of the change, there will be some upheavals and changes. Doing this will help you get ready for the next Taurus season by helping you set realistic goals and think of small steps you can take to reach those goals.

Taking all of this into account, Dossé-Via tells what each zodiac sign might expect during this Taurus season.

When Does Taurus Season Start

What the Taurus Season is All About?

Taurus, which is represented by the bull, is known for being stubborn and steady, as well as strong and stable.

Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and art, so people born under this sign are attracted to sensual and beautiful things.

Taurus is a “fixed” sign, which means that its season is spring. Fixed signs are reliable, hardworking, and like order and routine, which are all good ways to describe Taurus.

You might think that this sign and the season as a whole are all about getting real-world results. People are also told to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the process.

What Occurred During the Taurus Season?

Overall, Taurus season 2022 was about asking “Why?” and rethinking what’s important. Why are we spending so much time and energy on this? Why are we going to do this? Trying to figure out what all the different paths mean.

Noush said that in their professional lives, “anything we move forward with is something we really care about and that we think is true to who we are.”

“From a romantic point of view, it could bring a rush of excitement and a touch of adventure. But there is also a deeper drive.”

At the time of this event, both Venus and Jupiter were moving through the sign of Aries, which caused a lot of different feelings, says Noush. Jupiter helped add more excitement, which is always a good thing.

When Does Taurus Season Start

What Does Your Zodiac Sign’s Taurus Season Mean?

First of all, we are now in the Taurus season, which has a calming effect. You might find yourself relaxing in a park, watching ducks in a pond, and feeling more peaceful than you have in a long time.

You’ll also want to slow down. You’ll like yoga, long talks with friends, and slow, long sex sessions for a while.

Along with a strong desire to spend time outdoors, the Taurus season brings a strong desire to get out and explore the great outdoors. The “great outdoors” is called that for a reason:

How Will Taurus Season Affect the Rest of Your Year?

Taking a moment to appreciate your surroundings and, well, life in general, might seem like a frivolous luxury, but it can go a long way toward making you happier and more relaxed all year long, not just during Taurus season.

If you take care of your mental health first, you’ll be fine. This course will teach you a lot about how to deal with stress and accept things as they are.

Some things in life are worth waiting for, and sometimes you just have to be patient.

You can be a better version of yourself, which is your ultimate goal if you have more patience and care for other people.

Three Ways to Harness Taurean Power

While it’s Taurus Season, you can do some of these things to connect with the Taurus energy.

Self-Care is Important

Taurus just wants a little bit of a treat. This is the perfect time to treat yourself, whether it’s with a long soak in the tub, a delicious home-cooked meal, or a purchase you’ve been eyeing but haven’t gotten around to making.

Task Participation

While you’re taking care of yourself, don’t forget about your long-term goals. Season of Aries (which also happens to be the beginning of the astrological year).

You’ve laid the groundwork for any new ideas or projects you’ve been working on, and now it’s Taurus season, which asks you to move forward with those ideas and projects.

When Does Taurus Season Start

Appreciate the Beauty of Nature

Venus has a big effect on this sign, which makes it very appreciative of the beauty of nature.

Now that the weather is getting warmer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), there’s even more reason to go outside and spend time with Mother Nature.

When is the Next Zodiac Season?

Gemini season starts on May 21, 2022, and goes until June 20, 2022. It comes after Taurus season. During this time, you’ll want to hang out with your friends and have some good old-fashioned fun.

Just take a deep breath and let yourself calm down for now. It will pay off in a big way.

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