Love Island Season 3: Is Chris and Olivia’s Relationship Still On?

Love Island” is a dating competition that takes place on an uninhabited island in the British Isles. Contestants are taken to a mansion on the island and are thereafter cut off from the outside world. The competitors have to pair up with another individual on the very first day of the competition. Let’s find out more about Love Island Season 3.

What Happens in Love Island Season 3?

The program will feature fresh contestants and pairings each week. Singles must leave the island permanently. The winning pair must get the most votes to win £50,000.

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood emerged as the clear front-runners for the series’ third season’s grand prize at the end of the competition. The couple has developed a substantial fan base as a result of the significant amount of attention and support they have received from the audience.

However, their romantic status was called into question more than once during their time together. Fans of the show are interested in knowing what the two reality stars are doing, and we have the information that you require to satisfy that curiosity.

The Love Island Adventures of Chris and Olivia

olivia love island season 3

Olivia Attwood, a 26-year-old Grid Girl from Surrey, England, started Day 1. She dated Marcel Somerville for a week.

Chris Hughes, 22, from Gloucestershire, debuted on day 4. Chris, a golf gear spokesperson, found love in their rural villa. Olivia and Chris had instant chemistry.

Until Day 12, it seemed Chris and Olivia would end up together. On Day 12, Olivia met football player Mike Thalassitis, who appeared perfect. Mike started dating Olivia on day 14 of the coupling.

Does Olivia End up With Mike or Chris?

Olivia couldn’t stay away from Chris for long. Fans were intrigued about who Olivia will choose. Olivia and Chris kissing behind Mike’s back revealed the solution.

The resort was promptly contacted, and Marcel told Mike. The football player was furious and terminated relations with Olivia.

They found a suitable area to address the situation openly. Mike said that he and Olivia didn’t have the same chemistry as Chris.

Olivia paired up with Chris on day 20, forcing Mike to go. Chris and Olivia remained a pair from the first episode to the last. There were several roadblocks.

Chris and Olivia had a memorable argument after finishing one of the tasks. The contestants’ performance was based on tweets.

Olivia stated she would sleep with Mike in the hidden hideaway. Chris and Olivia’s journey wasn’t easy, but they made it to the finals and placed third. Many watchers wondered how long the suspense would last.

Did their chemistry fade after they left the villa? Let’s see what we know about it.

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Is Chris and Olivia’s Relationship Still Going Strong?

olivia love island season 3

Chris and Olivia are not dating. After seven months on the program, they broke up, and it wasn’t pretty. They both got their own shows after being on “Love Island.”

They disagreed on almost everything, so their program was full of arguments. Because Chris and Olivia broke up during production, the spin-off only had three episodes instead of six.

Olivia and Chris’s relationship was rocky from the start of the season. The former partner didn’t move into the luxurious home that the two of them had bought together. He or she said that their relationship wasn’t strong enough.

Why Did Chris and Olivia Split Up?

Olivia said that Chris touched other women inappropriately at the 2018 National Television Awards after-party, which led to a public fight. The two then talked about their relationship with friends and family, who all said they shouldn’t be together.

Chris and Olivia saved their most in-depth conversation for last. They talked about every part of their relationship that needed fixing. Both sides knew the connection was too fragile to show on TV.

Chris suggested they go their separate ways since they were unhappy. Olivia called him a coward for walking away, but he said he still loved her. He said they should think about splitting up, even though it would be hard.

After it was known that the couple had broken up, there was a lot of talk about why.

Olivia’s supporters said she gave up after Chris embarrassed her too many times, while others said she was getting close to her ex-boyfriend Bradley Dack. In May 2021, Olivia said that her relationship with Chris was harmful.

“After Love Island, I was done. “I was over him, but I got into a terrible relationship,” she told MailOnline.


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Olivia’s split from Chris may have prompted her to mend fences with Bradley Dack. The pair wants to get engaged in Dubai in October 2019.

Chris dated singer Jesy Nelson from January 2019 until April 2020 after his separation from Olivia. He is dating professional golfer Annabel Dimmock, and they plan to marry in August 2021.

Chris told MailOnline in January 2022 that he plans to propose soon. We wish them a happy and loving future.

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