Jake Fitzgerland Character Death: What Happened To The ‘Scream’ Key Character Jake Fitzgerland?

Listen to what I’m saying! It’s crucial that Jake Fitzgerald, a key character, continues to grow and develop. WHY ON EARTH would you want to harm HIM? HOW WWW! You might say, “lol, he’s not dead,” but BOO, LISTEN UP! His DEATH is clearly seen when I link photographs of him together! Tom Maden is a wonderful human being, and I adore him dearly. Kill Me Instead Of Jake Fitzgerald If You Want To Kill Someone! His importance of him cannot be overstated!

The first episode of Season 2 of ‘Scream‘ was a shocking one, and it concluded with the death of one of the Lakewood Six. This marked the beginning of the new season. However, the passing of SPOILER has us questioning whether or not ‘Scream’ may have gotten ahead of itself.

The following post may reveal plot details that have not yet been revealed for the second season premiere of Scream, the critically acclaimed drama airing on MTV. This is the point in the conversation when you should stop reading if you have not yet watched the first episode of Season 2 and want to avoid having anything spoiled for you. For everyone else, let’s just jump right into things and get our investigation into whether the writers really jumped the gun with the first death of Season 2 off to a good start, shall we?

jake fitzgerald death

Let’s be honest: Going into the first episode of Scream’s second season, there was clearly the anticipation that there would be some kind of violent murder or violence. What was unexpected was that the writers would choose to kill off one of the Lakewood six so early in the season. This was especially surprising when taking into account how few of the show’s original characters are still alive following the grisly murders that occurred in the first season.

Yet, against all chances, the Season 2 opener was brought to a close with the death of Tom Maden’s divisive character Jake Fitzgerald, demonstrating that the series’ new showrunners, Richard Register and Michael Gans, are not afraid to rock the boat and that no one is safe. No one!

Jake and Brooke (Carlson Young), who appeared to be in a really good place, decided to end their relationship after Jake made some jokes about Brooke’s relationship with Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) and Mr. Branson’s involvement in the blackmail scandal involving Brooke’s father. The blackmail scandal involved Brooke’s father (Bryan Batt). Jake embarks on a rogue mission to show his love for Brooke once and for all after she makes the decision to end their relationship. However, his plan is foiled when he stumbles on a bear trap and is taken captive by a new masked assailant.

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After a brief game of cat and mouse, which had a Saw-like feel to it, Jake was hung up in a barn, which we later discovered belonged to Brandon James’ brother, and had his stomach cut out with a sickle by the person who murdered him.

Although the passing of characters is an essential component of the show’s narrative arcs, a lot of viewers have already started to wonder if the writers got ahead of themselves by killing off one of the Lakewood Six so early in the season. This is despite the fact that character deaths are an essential part of the show.

jake fitzgerald death

Jake’s death is a crushing reminder that no character is ever safe from the killer’s wrath, not even the Lakewood Six. Sure, the decision to kill off such a polarising and crucial character in a season premiere may seem unwise and rushed, but for Scream, Jake’s death delivers a reminder that no character is ever safe from the killer’s wrath. This is a move that will also assist to usher in the storyline for Season 2, and it will also help to set the stage for what’s going to happen in Lakewood this summer.

The fact that Jake was killed serves as a reminder to us that we never know what surprises are waiting for us around the next bend and that any character has the potential to be the next victim of the killer. Because of the tension and the sense of unpredictability, we are always on the edge of our seats and we can’t help but watch the show week after week.

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