Summer House Season 7: Premiere Date, Who are Coming Back, Going And ,Many More!

Summer is here, so let’s enjoy it! Every year, the cast of Summer House brings the drama and raises the temperature, and season 7 will be no different.

After a thrilling sixth season, Bravo was renewed for a seventh in May 2022. Fans were devastated when it was announced that three male performers would not be returning a month later.

A source close to the production confirmed to Us Weekly on June 29 that Luke Gulbranson, Andrea Denver, and Alex Wach had quit the show prior to filming.

The males were part of the season 6 cast alongside Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Carl Radke, Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller and Mya Allen. Season 4 cast member Luke won’t be returning to the Hamptons, but he will still be a part of season 2, which comes in fall 2022.

“I’m not going to be on Summer House this year,” he announced on social media earlier this month. I’m honestly extremely, extremely unhappy I’m not gonna be able to spend the summer with them — tears my heart, but I know they’ll have a nice time and we’ll be in touch.”

Luke was coy when it can to his reason for not coming back to the show. He informed his Instagram followers, “I can’t answer the why.”

Once Danielle and Ciara return, viewers can expect plenty of tension and drama even with the three fewer houseguests. During Andrea’s Italian supper last season, the ladies caused quite a stir when they got into a scuffle.

A wine glass full of red liquid thrown by Ciara at Danielle, striking her in the chest, brought the evening to a close. “I blacked out not because of alcohol, but because of the rage,” Danielle exclusively told Us in December 2021 of the incident. Insane: “It was just so out of control.” Before this, I’d never been in a position where I thought we were fine and suddenly you were throwing wine at me. “So, I saw red.”

Summer House Season 7

However, Danielle later implied that she and Ciara were not on good terms heading into the summer during the show’s reunion special that aired in May of 2022.

In June 2022, she told E! News, “I truly don’t know where we are,” saying that she had doubts about her future on the show following the drama. “To be honest, after seeing the previous season, I found myself not wanting to do it any more. That’s not to say I won’t, but that’s how I felt at the time.”

“It’s coming to the point where I’m getting old enough to know who I want to be around and who I don’t want to put myself in certain situations,” the entrepreneur said. “Also, it was a terrible summer.”

Everything we know so far about Summer House season 7 is listed below, in chronological order:

Who’s Packing Their Bags?

Luke, Andrea, and Alex’s departure from the show was announced in June 2022. After some time had passed, Luke discussed his leaving during an Instagram Live broadcast, where he stated, “I’m really thankful for the last three years of being on the show. I’m going to miss my buddies very, very much.

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Do You Know Who Is Returning?

The original cast members Kyle, Lindsay, and Carl are all anticipated to appear again. In addition to Ciara and Maya, returning cast members include latecomers Amanda and Danielle, who joined the show in season 2, as well as Paige, who joined in season 3.

Who’s Having a Fling?

Summer House Season 7

When season 6 came to a conclusion, Lindsay was nearing the end of her scorching summer with Hubb and was still single. But things have changed, and she is now romantically involved with her roommate Carl, and the three of them share an apartment in New York City. When fans last checked in on Summer House, Paige and Craig’s relationship was more on the platonic side, but they have since taken their relationship to the next level.

The fact that Kyle and Amanda got married at the end of the previous season means that viewers will get a glimpse into their new life as a married couple in this season.

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Is Craig Conover Going to Return?

“Probably. I shouldn’t, but yes, probably,” the Sewing Down South founder exclusively told Us in June 2022 when asked about his return to the series. “I don’t think I should do surveillance shows anymore, but I did a little better on the new Winter House.”

“Paige and I are boyfriend girlfriend, and that’s a big part of her life. And so yeah, I’ll be around anytime you see Paige, you’re gonna see — we spend a decent amount of time together.” Craig Added.

Do You Know When the Filming Will Begin?

The cast normally begins filming in the Hamptons for the Fourth of July holiday.

When Is the Premiere Date?

Summer House is scheduled to return sometime after the premiere of Winter House season 2 in October 2022, however Bravo has not yet disclosed an official release date for the show.

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