Engage Kiss Season 1 Release Date: Will This Anime Make a Return?

A-1 Pictures will release the first season of the eagerly anticipated Engage Kiss, which is wonderful news if you enjoy love manga. Even if you are not a fan, I highly suggest reading this article to see if this could be added to your list of weekend binges. The majority of fans have been eager to learn the release date, plot, and cast for Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 4. On this page, we’ve updated all the information regarding Engage Kiss Season 1. Soon, Engage Kiss Season 1 will be available.

Engage Kiss Season 1: Release Date

We are crossing our fingers that there will be a tonne of exciting Engage Kiss Season 1 developments as of July approaches.

On July 2, 2022, the television series is scheduled for release. However, it’s unclear how many episodes there were.

Engage Kiss Season 1: Cast and Crew

Tomoya Tanaka is the creator of the anime series Engage Kiss. Tomoya Tanaka has contributed as a storyboard artist and episode director to numerous anime series, such as Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

The anime’s scripts are written by Maruto Fumiaki. Animation character design will be under the direction of Masaaki Takiyama, with Chiaki Furuzumi serving as an assistant.

engage kiss season 1

The anime series Banana Fish and The Fate both feature work by Masaaki Takiyama. Chiaki Furuzumi was a member of the Death Note and Black Butler anime production teams.

They both serve as the main animators for the anime. The anime “Darekare Scramble” theme song, as heard in the promo video, will be performed by Halco.

Engage Kiss Season 1: Voice Cast

  • Souma Saitou is voiced by Miyano Yoshikazu
  • The voice of Kisara is provided by Aizawa Saya.
  • Ayano Yuugiri voiced Lynn.
  • Rumi Ookubo voices Sharon Holygrail.

What Will the First Season of Engage Kiss’s Plot Entail?

In the end, it turns out that Kisara really is the devil. When Shu and Kisara figure this out, they agree on something. In response, Kisara agrees to help him defend his city from the demons who are coming to attack. She wants to be kissed back. Shu agrees to the deal, even though it means he will lose everything because it will help his city.

What will happen to our main character Shu when he puts his life on the line to protect his city? In the show, it will also be shown how Kisara got Shu to sign the contract. We’ll also talk about how Ayano and Kisara don’t get along. Fans will also find out how Shu and Ayano know each other.

engage kiss season 1

Additionally, because the main character needs money constantly, his private life will be highlighted. Demon catastrophes will be the subject of the story.

Demon possession, which entails establishing agreements with demons to acknowledge their superiority, may also be included in the series. Fans will be able to see how the private military firm responds to the crisis once the series is released.

Is There an Anime Trailer for Engage Kiss?

Yes, the Engage Kiss trailer is available. By clicking the link, you can view the most recent anime, Engage Kiss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch the Anime Series Engage Kiss?

This news has not been officially confirmed. However, we believe that Tokyo MX in Japan may air it. On the same network channel, the rest of the globe will be able to see it. One of the services that could stream it is Netflix. Netflix, though, has not yet commented.

When will the Anime for Engaged Kiss be released?

On July 2, 2022, the movie Engage Kiss was released.

Is Engage Kiss Light the Complete Novel?

No, Engage Kiss will probably air on TV as intended.

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