Mikasa Season 4: What Happened When Marley Forces Attacked Paradis?

Here you will find information about Mikasa Season 4 story, facts, & what happens when the Marley Forces attack Paradis.

About Mikasa Season 4

Mikasa was a young girl when human traffickers killed her parents. But she survived with the help of Eren Yeager, and she resided with Him, Grisha, and Carla Yeager for a time before Wall Maria fell. Shogun descendent, she is related to the Azumabito dynasty and wields enormous political power in Hizuru as a result of this.

However, despite her thirst for peace, she joined the military and is now regarded as the best soldier in her unit’s 104th Training Corps. As a member of the Corps, she currently holds the rank of lieutenant. The Survey Corps uses her as one of its most valuable assets after she enlists to protect and follow Eren.

A Look into Mikasa’s Story

In the year 845, Mikasa first appears within Wall Maria. When she awakens Eren, she tells him they must return to their house. She is shocked to see tears in his eyes and inquires why he was so overcome with emotion. When they return home, they run across Hannes.

Mikasa Season 4

Watching Eren bemoan the soldiers’ laziness, Mikasa feels compelled to chime in. They later watch as the Survey Corps forces return, with another failure of their trip. When Mikasa gets home, she tells Eren and his parents about his decision to join the Survey Corps.

Mikasa follows Eren out of the room, who is furious. After rescuing Armin from local bullies, they discuss their wish to leave the Walls.

The three kids are stunned to see a titanic figure peeking over Wall Maria at them at that very time. It takes the Titan breaching the Wall’s gate for the trio to regain their composure.

Upon returning home, Mikasa and Eren discover it demolished and Carla imprisoned beneath the rubble. Eren’s mother is about to be devoured by a Titan, and Mikasa and Eren are powerless to release her. Hannes steps in to save them.

Armored Titan breaks through the inner gate, allowing Titans into Wall Maria as Mikasa and Eren are loaded on a ship to be transported. While they are being brought to safety, she sees Eren’s pledge to murder all the Titans.

Quick Facts About Mikasa

  • Mikasa Appearance: Mikasa is tall and fit. She has pale skin, grey eyes, and long, shaggy black hair that she chopped to chin-length.
  • Mikasa Personality: Like a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child.
  • Mikasa Strength: She is unique. She is a talented fighter at a very young age.

In Season 4 of Attack on Titan: We’ve Seen Her Best Look Yet!

Mikasa has long been a fan favourite in the dark anime franchise of Attack on Titan, having killed a few Titans in her time as a Paradise inhabitant.

Mikasa Season 4

Mikasa, a member of the Ackerman Clan, had plenty of opportunities to shine throughout the series, with the final part of the second half of season 4 again emphasizing her and providing her with some critical moments. She has been placed in a precarious position this season. Eren’s campaign intends to eliminate countless innocent people to break the cycle of hatred engulfing the Ymir youngsters.

Mikasa’s situation remains difficult, even if the latter isn’t the case. The Ackermann Clan was rumoured to “imprint” themselves on someone else and get the equivalent of superpowers to protect them. Thus, Mikasa is also battling with Eren, the love of her life.

As season 4 came to an end, Mikasa and her comrades were given a little respite following a flashback in which they had infiltrated the nation of Marley before Eren unleashed his attack on it.

When The Marley Forces Attacks Paradis

The Cart Titan Pieck Finger came in to break up a fight between Gabi Braun and Eren in the final episode of Attack on Titan’s first part of the 4 the season.

While Gabi was restrained and tied to Pieck on the roof, Pieck could point out the genuine enemy. As a result of Marley’s inability to provide a long-term future like Pieck and Gabi, she now supports Eren.

Mikasa Season 4

Pieck did, in fact, the point at the enemy from that roof in the afternoon’s sweltering heat: Eren. Meanwhile, Porco’s Jaw Titan came from the building and knocked Eren to the ground while Reiner Braun stood with Magath, one of the zeppelins that arrived to lay siege to Paradis Island.

While Eren had hoped to wage war with Marley, the conflict has now found its way to him. With three Titans at his disposal, can Eren protect his island home at a moment’s notice? The second half of Season 4 is sure to be fascinating.


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Frequently Asked Questions

During the 4th Season of the Anime; How old is Mikasa?

Similar to Eren, when Season 4 kicks off, Mikasa Is 19. Mikasa is the one character frequently mistaken for being older than she is.

Is Eren infatuated with Mikasa in Season 4?

There is no family connection between Eren and Mikasa, yet Mikasa has been in love with her for years. They’ve been in love all along, but it’s only now that they’ve come to terms with the truth. Despite this, their relationship is now in a state of near-impossibility.

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