Vagabond Season 2: Release Date | Who Can Return in This Series?!

Vagabond Season 2: SBS TV will air the second season of the Korean drama Vagabond, starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy, in November 2019. Vagabond, one of South Korea’s most popular crime thrillers, has a worldwide following.

Netflix made the show available worldwide after it aired on television in South Korea.

Even though the authors of most K-dramas seek to wrap up the story in just one season, Uniforumtz has discovered from a source that the show may be revived for a second.

Despite this, no word has come from the film’s creators. Do you think Vagabond will return for a second season? There were also a number of unanswered questions in the show. Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi) takes care of a stuntman for his orphaned nephew, Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin).

About Vagabond Season 2

Hoon went on holiday to Morocco. Just before the plane is about to take off, he sends a video message to his uncle on his cell phone.

Cha Hoon’s uncle is worried about his nephew while watching a report on the same plane crash that Cha Hoon had boarded. An investigation revealed that a purposeful attack was responsible for the B357 plane crash.

Vagabond Season 2

Assistance was provided by Go Hae-RI as well as a member of the National Intelligence Service As the inquiry continues so does the intensity of their affections for one another. Despite this, the series has not been successful in determining who was responsible for the plane disaster.

In the second season of Vagabond, there is a possibility that the truth may be revealed. It is anticipated that Go Hae-RI and Cha Dal-gun may one day develop romantic feelings for one another.

It is possible that the remaining stories will be wrapped up in the event that Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy come back to continue playing their parts.

After watching an episode of an American television drama, viewers often find themselves pondering, “Huh?” and scratching their heads at the conclusion of the program. In the end, “there’s no way the tale can simply stop there without season 2,” he added. “There’s no way the story just ends there without season 2.”

Following the conclusion of filming for Vagabond, Lee Seung-gi shared his thoughts with Alkpop. In my point of view, the possibility of a second season is contingent, both on the total number of viewers as well as on the financial viability of the show. I’m interested in becoming a part of [the second season].

When Can We Expect the Release Date of Vagabond Season 2?

Although no official announcement has been made, rumors are circulating that Vagabond Season 2 has already commenced its secret production.

A worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is causing Netflix to put off the release of Vagabond Season 2 until further notice. In light of this, it’s unsurprising that Netflix’s many projects have taken longer than expected.

Vagabond Season 2

Because Vagabond hasn’t been renewed, we don’t know when the second season will premiere. Any new information regarding this K-drama will be shared with you as soon as it becomes available to us. Until then, be on the lookout!!

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“Vagabond” is a popular series and has many new stories to tell,” Lee Seung-gi, who portrays Cha Dal-gun, said. So he’s hoping that Vagabond will return for a second season. During the season finale, Lee Seung-gi told Alkpop that there was “no way” that the story would finish without the second season.

You’ll be left scratching your head and wondering, “Huh?” at the end of a lot of American dramas. Season 2 may be axed owing to dwindling interest and a scarcity of resources. Yes, if the opportunity arises, I’d like to be a part of the second season.

According to these insiders, Vagabond’s second season is already in production at an undisclosed location.

The public wants to know who was responsible for the jet crash that claimed the life of Cha Dal-nephew, gun Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin). Aside from that, would Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-Ri become romantically involved?

At the end of the film Vagabond, Cha Hoon takes a field trip to Morocco. A video message is sent to his paternal uncle right before he boards the plane. Dal-gun, on the other hand, is captivated by a report on the plane crash in which Cha Hoon perished.

An inquiry after the B357 plane crash found that it was not an accident, but rather a planned act. Cha Dal-gun gets support from an undercover spy from the National Intelligence Service. They become more and more enamored with one another as the investigation progresses.

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