Call the Midwife Season 12: Expected Release Date, Plot and Likely Cast?

What happened to Call the Midwife Season 12 cherished characters in the show’s season finale on May 8, left fans in suspense.

At Nonnatus House, everyone finally reunited to celebrate the victory of a difficult period. Ultimately, everything worked out for the best. Sister Julienne as well as the other nurses and midwives didn’t have anything left to show you if you were afraid, you’d seen it all before.

The 12th and 13th seasons of Call the Midwife have been confirmed to broadcast.

call the midwife season 12

Seasons 12 and 13 of “Call the Midwife” Will Be Back Soon

After more than a decade, Call the Midwife is still going strong. In April of 2021, the BBC in the United Kingdom officially announced seasons 12 and 13 of the program. “It’s a “great honor” to look back on the series’s 100-year history, adds Call the Midwife creator Heidi Thomas, “and our journey is clearly not over.”

While we have a rich history, our future is full of familiar friends, newcomers, and even higher hemlines for us to look forward to! Having a child is like this: “The tales we tell never stop, we cherish them all, and we swear to do our best by every one of them.”

Is The Show Going to Renew for the 13th Season?

Even if the phony midwives end up in hot water, Poplar supporters needn’t worry. The BBC has revealed that in addition to the previously announced 13th season, it will show seasons 11 and 12 in the UK before season 10 premieres there in April 2021.

The next season of “Midwives” will have eight one-hour episodes, as well as a Christmas special.

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When we look back over the past 10 years of Call the Midwife and know that our journey is far from finished, it’s a great thing to know.” The statement was made at the time by the show’s creator, Heidi Thomas. “For the next five years, we’ll be doing what we love!

A lot has happened at Nonnatus House in its lengthy history, but we are looking forward to the new faces and ideas from all over the globe that will come in the future. Like a new infant, our tales keep on coming. We’ll do all we can for each of them to express how much we care.”

Which Actors and Actresses Are Expected to Return for Season 12?

Although Agutter’s Sister Julienne has come so close, we can confidently presume she will return for season 12.

She is to be welcomed by the other sisters, as well as the patient Miss Higgins of Sister Frances will greet her upon her arrival (Georgie Glen). Cyril Robinson, played by Zephryn Taite, and Lucile Robinson, played by Leonie Elliott, are both expected to return.

call the midwife season 12

Aside from the energetic nurse Trixie Franklin, we only have one regular cast member left. Her erratic menstrual cycle meant that she was compelled to quit midway through the season.

To inspire Helen George’s Italian narrative, an aunt in need of care provided the inspiration. What does it matter? It’s a prank: Trixie, the genuine deal, is indeed pregnant.

How Will Call the Midwife Season 12 Be Compared to the Previous Seasons?

The Call the Midwife creative team claims that there will be more babies and more drama in the future. This is a statement from Neal Street Productions executive producer Pippa Harris. “We look forward to giving even more laughter, tears, and babies to our loyal followers.”

“The tales we tell are as endless as the children who listen to them. We treasure each and every one of them. As a result, we resolve to give it our best for every one of the” Heidi Thomas dipped her toes into the water when asked about prospective narratives.

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Fans should expect to see a lot more of Trixie as she continues to heal. Digital Spy and other media sites have been informed by the show’s executive producer, McGann: “Everybody seems pleased with the progress we’ve achieved so far, in my opinion. There is a natural time for it, as far back as everyone can recall.

“As long as it continues, there is no end in sight. It won’t remain there forever if you stick to the facts. As a result, there is a limit.” On the other side, I believe the creative staff is too gifted. In the long run, it’s impossible to say when or how anything like this will come to pass, even if it’s possible.”

New Episodes Are Being Created on a Regular Basis in the United Kingdom (UK)

Season 12 of Call the Midwife has already begun filming. A holiday party featuring the Turners and their loved ones is held each year as part of the show’s annual Christmas special. ‘Nurse Trixie Franklin’ will be played once again by Helen George, it was revealed in a second tweet. Due to George’s maternity leave, she was unable to appear in the last few episodes of season 11.

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Helen will be ready to help the ladies of Poplar as soon as she gets back on her bike. On the show’s Facebook page, there’s a mention of it. Since Trixie has returned, we can’t help but be excited to see what the future holds for her.

call the midwife season 12

Late this year or early next year, Call the Midwife’s 2022 Christmas special will be on the air. ‘Game of Thrones will return for the 12th season in 2023. Just in time for the holidays, with a broadcast on BBC. The release date in the United States has yet to be confirmed.


Call the Midwife, according to two of the show’s actors. It will be on the air for at least another 10 years. In an interview with Radio Times, Ella Bruccoleri, who portrays Sister Frances on the show, discussed the latest episode.

As an actress, she realized this was a program she could commit to. “I believe it will continue for a long time… there would be an outcry if it didn’t,” he commented.

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