Bling Empire Season 3: Is It Going To Come Back or Not?

The Bling Empire has returned for Bling Empire Season 3! The first season aired in January of 2021, and it’s been over a year.

Since the cast returned to Netflix with a second season on May 13 (today, babes!). That being said, Bling Empire has a wide range of drama. It can go from the ridiculous to the surprisingly suspenseful (like the search for someone’s estranged father). Further, as anyone who saw the first season of the show can attest.

Bling Empire Season 3

Although there are many different levels of drama in the show. It’s still a lot of fun to watch because it’s just a bunch of rich people partying and bickering. For those who watched season 2 in just 12 hours.

Further, you may be wondering if Bling Empire will return for a third season at some point. Many other similar reality shows have run for seasons upon seasons without ever concluding (looking at you, Selling Sunset). Here is what we know so far about Bling Empire’s possible third season.

How Likely Is It That Bling Empire Will Return for a Third Season?

Two months after the premiere of Bling Empire. The show’s second season was officially announced in March 2021. There is currently no word on whether Bling Empire will return after its initial one-season Netflix renewal.

Since season 2 is expected to be a success. An announcement about a third series could follow last year’s pattern and be made soon after the season 2 premiere.

What Time Will Bling Empire Season 3 Premiere?

Assuming that Bling Empire is renewed for a second season. The show could return in early 2023, keeping with the show’s current schedule.

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However, we don’t know anything yet, and Netflix has surprised fans in the past with its release dates. After the second season of Selling Sunset aired in 2020. The show’s third season was announced and premiered just three months later.

Is the third season of Bling Empire possible to air in the month of August? Possibly in May of this year? Is it possible that it will never be released? IDK! Right now, everything is conceivable.

Is There Anything We Can Anticipate in Bling Empire Season 3?

The prospect of the program going beyond season 2 has been mentioned by a few persons working with the production. Christine Chiu, one of the cast members, spoke to PopSugar about her ambitions for the future of the group.

Bling Empire Season 3

Artists and creators of all kinds, whether they’re business owners, storytellers or musicians, are welcome to join the ranks, she said. “Bling Empire isn’t really about the bling after all. Not at all. Even if the bling is appealing. It’s the tales and adventures that keep you interested and inspire others. And make it worthwhile for the rest of the actors and me to be involved in this endeavor.”

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Executive producer Jeff Jenkins also told Oprah Daily that if given the opportunity, the program might go for years. Jeff described the cast as “sexy, humorous, dramatic, and deceitful.” For as long as viewers are engaged, we’d want to continue this adventure with them. Keep up the good work, because reality TV escapism isn’t going away any time soon.

The Bling Empire Is Suing

Despite the show’s immense popularity, more seasons may not be in the cards if the current political climate persists. One of the performers, Kelly Mi Li, accused executive producer Jeff Jenkins of stealing the idea of Bling Empire without giving her credit, according to

A complaint filed by Li alleges that she first approached Jenkins in 2018 with the concept of a reality program about rich Asian Americans enjoying high life in Los Angeles. There was no response from Jenkins to the report.

Additionally, according to People, Li claims that she and Jenkins worked closely for months on Bling Empire’s development. This further led to the successful selling of the program. They seized and exploited Plaintiff Li’s notion. Jenkins’ production business is accused of doing, according to Li. Li. On the other hand, wants to be recognized as an executive producer. For Bling Empire and to be rewarded for his efforts.

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Although reality programs like Bling Empire pride themselves on drama, the type of turmoil that may cause a schism between the cast, staff, and production is definitely not what the streaming service wants.

As long as everyone’s requirements are addressed. Netflix can focus on on-screen drama rather than internal squabbles, and all parties will be happy. There’s no word yet on whether or not the lawsuit will have an influence on Bling Empire Season 3 possibilities.

The Cast of Bling Empire Season 3

Some new characters made their debut in Season 2, such as the philanthropist Mimi Morris and the socialite Dorothy Wang, the daughter of millionaire Roger Wang. If the inclusion of the new actors is well-received.

Netflix would be wise to maintain the popularity of a large cast. As a result, it’s possible that Bling Empire Season 3 may include some new characters. A lot is still up in the air, but Netflix subscribers can enjoy another eight episodes of Bling Empire’s existing cast.

Bling Empire Season 3


Bling Empire Season 3 has yet to get a trailer, which is understandable given the recent release of the second season. Although we will keep this page updated as we learn more and if there is further material that you would want to know about. Keep coming back!