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Eddie Hearns Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Eddie Hearns Net Worth

Eddie Hearns Net Worth: Eddie Hearn, born Edward “Eddie” Hearn, is a boxing promoter from the United Kingdom who is known for his aggressive style.

He is the CEO of Matchroom Sport and a director of the Professional Darts Corporation. Amir Khan, Kell Brook, Oleksandr Usyk, Ryan Burnett, Khalid Yafai (Matchroom Sports), Artur Beterbiev, Tevin Farmer, and Rocky Fielding are among the boxers he represents.

Eddie Hearn is a well-known boxing promoter in the UK. This week, Jake Paul, the internet’s favorite YouTuber turned boxer, was interviewed and featured on NFL TV.

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He said while standing next to Jake Paul, that the online sensation has “absolutely no chance” of becoming a world champion in wrestling in the near future.

How’s Eddie Hearn’s Childhood?

Eddie Hearn was born in New York City to professional wrestlers Barry and Susan Hearn. His father was an accountant who became a sports promoter in the 1970s and 1980s, laying the groundwork for the organization Edward currently runs. His family consists of one sibling, Katie.

The Essex-based athlete was extensively engaged in practically every facet of school sports despite failing to attain academic achievement. He wanted to box after high school since his father is in the sport.

His amateur boxing career ended when he accepted telemarketing work selling double-glazed window installation services. After that, he worked his way up to managing director at his father’s firm, Matchroom Sport.

When Did Eddie Hearn Begin His Professional Career?

Eddie, from Essex, was always interested in sports and went on to have a successful career in both cricket and football. After high school, he worked for a sports management firm representing golfers in London before joining his father’s business, Matchroom Sports, to promote online sports.

His career as a boxing promoter started when he met boxer Audley Harrison at a sports event and promised to help him restore his career by arranging for him to meet heavyweight champion, David Haye.

Sky Sports signed an exclusive boxing deal with the Essex native in 2015, allowing the channel to carry up to 20 programs per year until 2021, as well as allowing him to travel to the United Kingdom. As soon as that deal with the streaming service DAZN expired, he signed a new one with the same company.

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Matchroom, where he now works as a promoter, broadcasts live boxing events from around the world and charges a monthly subscription for the privilege of seeing them.

What Is Eddie Hearn’s Net Worth?

Eddie Hearn’s father, Barry Hearn, founded Matchroom Sport, a sports management firm. Hearn’s net worth is estimated to reach $50 million by the end of 2021. He is a director of the Professional Darts Corporation and the CEO of Matchroom Sport and Matchroom Boxing.

For Eddie Hearn, the most important thing is to fulfill the company’s broadcast boxing deal with Sky Sports in the United Kingdom (UK).

Matchroom secured a partnership with DAZN to stream boxing matches in the United States, and Eddie Hearn announced the first $1 billion deal in the sport the following year. Hearn has previously worked with IFLTV and is well-known for his work on the YouTube video-sharing website.

How much real estate does Eddie Hearn own?

When you know Eddie Hearn’s net worth, you may spend it any way you choose. Eddie has many homes, but his expressionist house in Los Angeles stands out for its design, craftsmanship, and location.

However, the famed Hearn family home in Essex is not to be missed. Barry Hearn bought the site where Matchroom Sports Bar & Grill is now 30 years ago.

It was built for a whopping £200,000, but it is now used for boxing, snooker, and darts competitions. Hearn’s boxers and sportsmen have access to a gym, a pool, and a huge garden on the property.

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Throughout 2020, Eddie Hearn held a series of ‘Fight Camp’ evenings in his backyard, providing the necessary equipment and space for these unique bouts to be shown live.

Frequently Asked Question

How Tall is Eddie Hearn?

Eddie Hearn is 6 feet tall, which makes him slightly taller than the typical British man. However, when contrasted with his heavyweight fighter clients, he appears significantly shorter.

What Is Eddie Hearn’s Wife’s Name?

His wife, the lovely Chloe Hearn, is also his other half, and the couple has two children together. During their marriage, the couple had two children together: Isabella was born in 2010, and Sophia was born in 2012, both of whom are now adults.

Is Eddie Hearn Socially Active?

Hearn is well-known on social media, where he is active. According to his Twitter bio, he has 1 million followers. That’s not the only reason he’s a cultural icon.

One of his numerous internet memes states, “Oh go ahead then!” with a silly facial expression. It was popularized by an unauthorized Twitter account, NoContextHearn.

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