La Brea Season 2: What Is the Location of La Brea’s Shooting?

La Brea Season 2: On September 28, 2021, NBC broadcasted the first episode of La Brea, an American science fiction drama television series.

David Appelbaum originated and executive produced the show, which was produced by Keshet Studios and Universal Television. Critics were split on the show. The show was picked up for a second season in November of 2021.

When Will Season Two of La Brea Be Released?

The series was renewed for a second season even before the first season ended, despite the fact that the first season had just ended. The drama series will be getting extra episodes, according to a report from the second week of November.

La Brea Season 2

However, no official announcement from the creators has been made regarding when the second season would premiere. The second season will most likely launch in late 2022 or early September, as the makers believe that fall is the best time to release it.

The Second Season of La Brea Has a Cast of Characters from the First Season

After a gigantic sinkhole at the La Brea Tar Pits and Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles opens up, people and belongings are displaced into a mystery primeval realm set around 10,000 BC, La Brea follows the story of a survival expedition.

Eve Harris, Eoin Macken, Chiké Okonkwo, Zyra Gorecki, Jack Martin, Chloe De Los Santos, Veronica St. Clair, Riley Velez, and Mark Lee star as Natalie Zea, Gavin Harris, Ty Coleman, Izzy Harris, Josh Harris, Lilly Castillo, Riley Velez, and Silas.

Gavin, aka Isaiah, was able to enter the light portal in the series’ last episode, confirming the existence of Gavin and Eve’s children Josh and Izzy. However, Lily, Josh, and Riley vanish as a result of Isaiah’s admission into the light crack and its subsequent spread. While the majority of the cast is expected to return, it is unclear whether or not the actors who played Lily, Josh, and Riley will return because their existence is unknown.

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What Is the Location of La Brea’s Shooting?

La Brea was filmed in Melbourne and Victoria. Filming takes occur from May to September 2021. While several of these places may be used again in the second season, additional locations may become available.

How Many Episodes Will Season 2 Contain?

While there is no official announcement on the length of Season 2, it is believed to be comparable, if not identical, to Season 1. (To put it another way, this isn’t a show that will ever have a season with 20 episodes.)


Over 300 people, cars, and buildings (including the famed Petersen Automotive Museum) are sucked into a huge sinkhole that opens at the La Brea Tar Pits and Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles.

The survivors are trapped in a dangerous ancient country and must work together to survive. In the episode, a family is ripped apart by circumstances and tries to reconnect. The father gets visions of his wife and son and knows where they are.

Its sudden development has drawn the attention of Homeland Security, which is examining a similar incident in the Mojave Desert. As the story progresses, the detectives learn that the sinkholes are a 10,000-year-old portal. Survivors try to return via the portal before it shuts.

Rumors About the Second Season of La Brea

Season 2 of La Brea is said to be on the way. Season 2 will have 14 episodes, according to TV Line, which is a significant increase over the first season’s ten. This opens us to some exciting possibilities for delving deeper into familiar characters and learning more about their backstories. Furthermore, the second season of La Brea will continue to alternate between the two timeframes established in the first season.

La Brea Season 2

Making episodes have gotten more complicated and time demanding with the rising use of special effects and CGI. NBC may opt to split season 2 into two parts to accommodate the massive fan demand without compromising the show’s quality.

The network hasn’t confirmed this, and season 2 may broadcast as planned, but it’s something to consider as fans await its launch. It was difficult for the showrunners to plan the autumn schedule with complicated CGI and more episodes.

According to creator David Applebaum, the forthcoming season of La Brea will put the performers to the test.

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