Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date: Will Fans See Jackie Again or Is She Really Dead?

Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date: Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson created Yellowjackets, an American drama television series.

On November 14, 2021, the series premiered on Showtime. The show was well-received by critics, who praised the plot and performances of the cast. The show was picked up for a second season in December of 2021.

A high school soccer team from New Jersey travels to Seattle for a national competition in 1996. Their plane crashes in the wilderness while flying over Canada, leaving the remaining members of the crew to fend for themselves for the next nineteen months. The series follows their survival attempts as well as their current lifestyles in 2021.

The Yellowjackets hive is obviously eager to learn more now that the first season finale has aired. Here’s all you need to know about Season 2 of Yellowjackets.


Yellowjackets Season 2: Cast

Season 1 of Yellowjackets saw a few cast members leave abruptly, including Ella Purnell as Jackie, Jane Widdop as Laura Lee, and Peter Gadiot as Adam. But, in the end, the majority of the key cast will return for Season 2. Among the returning cast members are:

  • Melanie Lynskey and Sophie Nélisse as Shauna
  • Tawny Cypress and Jasmin Savoy Brown as Taissa
  • Juliette Lewis and Sophie Thatcher as Natalie
  • Christina Ricci and Sammi Hanratty as Misty
  • Courtney Eaton as Lottie
  • Kevin Alves as Travis
  • Steven Krueger as Coach Ben
  • Warren Kole and Jack Depew as Jeff
  • Liv Hewson as Van
  • Keeya King as Akilah
  • Alexa Barajas as Mari
  • Rekha Sharma as Jessica (?)
  • Sarah Desjardins as Callie
  • Rukiya Bernard as Simone
  • Luciano Leroux as Javi
  • Tonya Cornelisse and Pearl Amanda Dickson as Allie
  • Aiden Stoxx as Sammy
  • Alex Wyndham as Kevyn
  • Jeff Holman and Riley Baron as Randy

Adult Lottie is out there making trouble for Shauna, Tai, Nat, and Misty in the present, according to the season 1 finale, and she may also be the person who killed Travis.

Whatever the situation may be, the fact that she’s still alive after all these years means we’ll most certainly be introduced to a new cast member to play her adult form next season.

Yellowjackets Season 2: Plot

Yellowjackets is a film about a high school girls’ soccer team that becomes stuck following a plane disaster on its route to a tournament in 1996.

In the present day, the series delves into the aftermath on the psyches of the survivors 20 years later, all while doling out titillating bread crumbs about what actually happened out there in the wilderness.

With the survivors cheating and lying before descending into violence and even cannibalism; in the present day, the series also delves into the aftermath of the psyches of the survivors 20 years later.

Yellowjackets Season 2

All while doling out titillating bread crumbs about what actually happened out there in the While fans are clamoring for additional information, the plot for Season 2 has yet to be revealed—not even to the network.

Levine told Deadline as well. “I’m sure Ashley, Bart, and Jonathan [Lisco, showrunner] have some loose ideas, but they haven’t filled them out or communicated them to us.”

In terms of the characters, I’m sure there will be some surprises. There are still many unanswered mysteries concerning who survived and what happened on the other side of the fence.

There will be some big surprises there, and I believe some of the individuals you haven’t met yet.”

Yellowjackets Season 2: Release Date

There is no official release date, although Gary Levine told Vulture in mid-January that they were aiming for a late 2022 release.

He stated, “We’d prefer to stay on an annual cycle.” “I believe our audiences deserve it, and I also believe that when you have a show with this much momentum, you don’t want it to fizzle out.”

Yellowjackets Season 2: Trailer

So, it’s not set in stone, but if they manage to stick to the annual cycle, Season 2 will launch in November. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the first actual cannibal episode was timed to coincide with Thanksgiving.

There isn’t a trailer for Yellowjackets season 2 yet. The second season hasn’t even started filming yet, so Showtime having a trailer ready would be a miracle. So, take a seat in front of the fire. When the first teaser is out, we’ll let you know.

Will Jackie Return in Yellowjackets Season 2?

Despite the fact that Jackie’s character was killed off at the end of the first season, some viewers believe they may see more of her in the future. Lynskey dismissed the fan hypothesis after the January 2022 finale.

“As far as I know,” the actress told The New York Times, “She’s dead.” “I’m not sure how she’ll recover from [frozen to death]. Ella’s contract, I believe, was always for a year.”

Yellowjackets Season 2

Purnell, for her part, hinted that fan might see her again in March 2022, telling Entertainment Tonight, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell you! I know a lot of things. I know a lot of things. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell you. I’m not stating whether I’m living or dead; all I’m saying is that you might see me.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Yellowjackets Season 2?

Yellowjackets Season 2 is Not Available on any OTT Platform.

Will Yellowjackets Return for a Second Season?

There is No Confirmation About the Release date of the Yellowjackets Season 2.

Who Will Play the Role of Lottie in Yellowjackets Season 2?

Shannyn Sossamon Will Play Adult Lottie.