Resurrection Movie Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Resurrection Movie Release Date: Even though Resurrection is now one of the most talked-about movies on television, it’s never too early to inquire about its future.

Based on past episodes, we can expect this to be as surprising as the first. This page covers Resurrection’s release date, cast, narrative, and trailer.

Are you eager about Andrew Semans’ new film? You believe you’ve seen this star before, but where? Have you seen him in American movies like Rebecca Hall or The Gift?


You’ve seen him in a couple more movies or TV shows. Rebecca is returning in Lia Buman’s forthcoming film Resurrection, due out in 2022. Let’s learn more about Tim Headington’s forthcoming thriller, which he also produced.

Andrew Semans wrote the script for the upcoming film. The film’s title was originally scheduled for 2022 as Our Name is Resurrection, but it has since been changed.

It is Michael Esper’s second film with American actress Grace Kaufman in the starring role.

Producers include Lia Buman, Tim Headington, Drew Houpt, Lars Knudsen, Tory Lenosky, and Alex Scharfman.

The movie is remarkable in its category and has lately attracted many viewers. Know why? Yes, we do too, therefore we’ve incorporated all the online buzz about the movie Resurrection.

We have covered all the key facts about the movie Resurrection in this blog. From the release date to reviews to a hypothetical sequel. Just keep reading till the end and we won’t bug you.

Resurrection: Release Date

It is confirmed that the movie is coming to theaters but the question remains: which date? Not confirmed so, this time it is only known that the film is coming in 2022 at any time but the exact release is yet to be confirmed by distributors. So, there is no official finalized release date announced by the writers or producers to release the film in 2022.

But there is some news about the movie ”Passion of the Christ: Resurrection” it will be released on August 5, 2022, and has something to do with the release of the sequel.

Resurrection: Official Trailer

At the time of this article, there is no confirmation regarding the teaser or trailer released for the Resurrection and I will update this section as soon as when the trailer or other information regarding this movie comes out.

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Resurrection: Plot

The exact story of this upcoming film is not known but this story is provided by the Production team.

Up to this point, all that we are familiar with as a potential spin-off of The Passion of the Christ is theoretical. Nonetheless, given the caption “Resurrection,” we could assume that it will happen three days after Jesus’ restoration from the dead.

As he bears his cross to his last resting place, Jesus Christ is sold out by Judas during the Last Supper and condemned to death by Pontius Pilate in the main film. It shows the film’s last scene with Jesus arising out of the burial chamber after being brought down from the torturous killing.


In the three days before Jesus miraculously came back to life, the spin-off may depict what he did on another planet. Furthermore, the film will most likely show what Jesus’ messengers did following his torturous killing to feature the natural repercussions of the occasions of Jesus’ passing and revival.

For the present, a hypothesis is all we need to happen until Mel Gibson uncovers what the spin-off contains.

Resurrection: Cast

These are the crew cast members which are confirmed to be seen in the upcoming film to play their roles-

The leading role is confirmed, which is played by Rebecca Hall as Margaret.


Other members who contributed to the film are Tim Roth as David and Grace Kaufman as Abbie Mark, Michael Esper as Peter, along with Angela Wong Carbone as Gwyn also contributed to this upcoming movie.

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