Christine Quinn Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Earn?

Christine Quinn Net Worth: Actress Christine Quinn, who was born on this day in 1988 and grew up in Dallas, Texas, stars as a real estate agent in Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

She also works at The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. Christine was a model and actress before becoming a real estate agent. According to TV Overmind, she attended the Julliard School of the Performing Arts and has modeled for Vogue.

“Christine Bently” has also appeared in films like “Shark Night 3D,” “Humans vs Zombies,” and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 as well. As an actor, I had to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild in order to be eligible for SAG. Moreover, Christine Quinn was a New York senator who was registered with the Screen Actors Guild, so I couldn’t use my name and had to come up with the last name for myself. Then, I was like, uh… Christine, in an interview with the Daily Beast in 2020, said, “‘Bently’ sounds good.

In a 2020 interview, Christine described how she joined Selling Sunset. I’ve been with The Oppenheim Group for five years. The company’s female workers are known to be close friends who enjoy many nights out. We were told we could sit at tables and get bottle service.

Not only were we well-known in the industry for our work in real estate, but also for our social life and capacity to operate as a huge family, she added. “Jason [Oppenheim] is interested in marketing. Every year he has us do a picture shoot for a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. Our third ad caught the eye of Adam Divello, creator of The Hills and Laguna Beach.”

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How Much Does She Get From ‘Selling Sunset’?

It is not obvious how much money Christine makes through Selling Sunset.

Christine, an Oppenheim Group realtor who sells multi-million-dollar properties, lives comfortably. A real estate agent’s fee is usually between 3% and 6%, according to Heart UK.

In Selling Sunset, Davina Potratz reveals that the brokerage halves that sum. Davina thinks agents get 75% of the commission and brokers to get 25%. “The broker is responsible” when anything goes wrong or someone is issued. “Salesmen must operate under a broker’s license, and brokers have extra duties.”

Christine Quinn Net Worth

It’s true that if you earn a 2.5% commission on the purchase price and the broker gets a cut, then the salesman who handled the transaction gets a split with the broker.

During the first three seasons of Selling Sunset, Christine sold $37,080,000 worth of properties, with a fee of $1,082,400, according to Evoluted, a marketing agency. Christine received an estimated $811,800 from the commission.

A total of $75,000,000 worth of properties were sold, with an estimated $2,250,000 in commission and $1,687,000 of earnings for Davina.

What Is Christine Quinn’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Christine is worth $1.5 million. Even though Christine is worth more than a million dollars, Heather Rae Young and Chrishell Stause are worth more than her.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim, owners of The Oppenheim Group, have the highest net worth among the Selling Sunset ensemble at $50 million.

Christian Richard, Christine’s husband, is a multi-millionaire, despite Christine’s modest wealth.

Christine married Christian, a 35-year-old internet entrepreneur, and software engineer, in the third season of Selling Sunset. Apparently, he’s worth $20 million and lives with Christine in a $5 million Hollywood Hills house.

Christine Quinn Net Worth

Christian Georges Dumontet was born in May of 2021. Christine Quinn’s net worth is derived from her Oppenheim Group commissions and her Selling Sunset pay.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Christine earns $3,184 for every article. In November 2021, she had 2.1 million Instagram followers. She’s partnered with Ciate London and ShoeDazzle.

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What Is the Income Source of Christine Quinn?

Aside from her work as an actor, Christine Quinn earns a living as a real estate agent. She’s made a lot of money from her roles in films and television shows. She was ranked as one of the top-earning agents in the Oppenheim Group in 2019 with a total of $9 million.

As a fashion designer, she earns an additional passive income. Netflix’s The Selling Sunset aired in 2019 and included her.

How Much Property Does She Own?

Christine Quinn, a licensed real estate agent in California and other states, is the proud owner of a number of opulent residences throughout the country. After marrying Christian Richard in 2019, she purchased a $5 million Hollywood Hills mansion.


Her net worth currently stands at approximately $3 million. She’s recognized as the Sunset series’ over-the-top diva. Christine enjoys traveling when she has free time on weekends and holidays. She earns a living in a variety of ways, including acting, modeling, and as a real estate agent.

Christine Quinn Net Worth

In the last few weeks, she’s been in the spotlight because of a minor spat she had with Selling Sunset co-star Emma. According to some estimates, she makes $250,000 a year in salary and other compensation.

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Why? Because each of them shared a common ex-boyfriend in the other. Christine announced her departure from the show because she was upset that the subject of her ex-boyfriend was being brought up again. Many sources say she has left the Oppenheim Group, though. Since Christine has not made an official announcement, these reports are unconfirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what Christine Quinn’s husband is doing?

After a successful career in software engineering, Christian is now a retired tech entrepreneur. Additionally, he was instrumental in the founding of one of the earliest online meal delivery services, which added to his already staggering fortune when he sold it in 2017.

Does Oppenheim Group still employ Christine Quinn?

The O group’s website still lists Christine as a broker, so fans can breathe a sigh of relief. For anyone who thinks the new mom has outgrown the office, a sigh of relief is warranted.

Is Christine Quinn her actual name?

Christine Bently Quinn — born in Dallas in October 1988 — gained quite the fame for herself through her starring role on Netflix’s blockbuster reality series Selling Sunset, beginning in 2019.