Samaritan Movie Release Date: Trailer, Cast, And Many More!

Samaritan Movie Release Date: Hey people! Gear Up. Today we have an amazing American superhero film for you, that is packed with too much action and raunchy humor. Yes, we are talking about Samaritans. But before we begin, let us tell you that it is exclusively based on comic graphic novels.

What you need to know about the upcoming superhero movie Samaritan, which is being produced by the team behind Julius Avery.


Superhero movies have historically captivated audiences of all ages. It doesn’t matter whether they’re superheroes in capes and spandex, or battlers in all-black uniforms and equipped with various weapons.

However, the superhero genre seems to be on a roll nowadays.

Outside of the action series that dominate the movie office, few superhero films get a reputation. Several films have tried to make an impression this year, and it seems that a couple of them have a similar and fantastic subject by Bragi F. Schut.

Do you want to see “Samaritan” with Julius Avery? You believe you’ve seen this star before, but where? Have you seen him in an American film or in Overlord?

On this page, we have compiled all the important data about the movie Samaritan. Release date, actors, narrative and probable roles. We won’t annoy you if you finish reading.

We know a lot about the forthcoming action superhero picture Samaritan.

Quick Info About the Movie- Samaritan

Director: Julius Avery

Genre: Superhero film

Writers: Bragi F. Schut

Produced By: Sylvester Stallone, Braden Aftergood

Cinematography: David Ungaro

Production Companies: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Balboa Productions

Samaritan: Release Date

It is confirmed that the film is coming to theaters but the question remains which date? So, this time it is only known that the film is coming in 2022 but the actual release date is yet to be confirmed by the production team. So, there is no official finalized release date announced by the writers or production companies to release the film in 2022.


It is known that the complete filming of the Samaritan is completed with the help of the post which is given by the director and gave the idea of the upcoming film post which was shared earlier by Julius Avery.

Samaritan: Official Trailer

At the time of writing the article, there is no confirmation regarding the teaser or trailer released for the movie Samaritan and I will update this section when the trailer or other information regarding this movie comes as soon as possible.

Star Cast of the Movie Samaritan

These are the star cast which is officially announced to be seen in the upcoming film to play their roles-

The leading role is confirmed, which is played by Sylvester Stallone as Joe Smith.

Other members who contributed to the film are Javon Walton as Sam Cleary and his friend role is played by Moisés Arias as Percy Smith. Deacon Randle as The Fireman along with Michael Aaron Milligan also contributed to this upcoming movie.

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Samaritan Plotline

The main character of Samaritan is Sylvester Stallone, but here’s what we know thus far. Bragi F. Schut wrote a remarkable narrative.

You might see his work – he recently authored Season of the Witch (2011) and Escape Room (2019). Surely, the account will focus on them more than his other current effort, the Lego Ninjago series.

In the film’s world, a 20-year-old calamity killed A-rundown superhuman, and then he vanished. Samaritan tells the story of a young man, Javon “Want to” Walton, who meets up with Sylvester Stallone in his later years, going by the name Stanley Kominski.

Previously, Julius Avery of Overlord had kept the film’s details hidden. Unlike almost every previous hero invention in the last two decades, Samaritan is a new IP, with no precedent to draw upon.


We’ll simply need to hold on until the film emerges for replies. Furthermore, when could that be, you inquire? Well.

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