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Whistleblower Found Dead at El Sereno High School

Reputed Federal Informant, Whistleblower Found Dead

FBI informant: The whistleblower was found dead at a Los Angeles high school on Monday morning. He had been the main source of information for a federal investigation into Deutsche Bank and its links to Donald Trump.

Valentin Broeksmit, 45, was discovered dead on the Woodrow Wilson High School grounds in El Sereno shortly before 7 a.m. on April 25. Police don’t know how or when he got there since the video doesn’t show him entering.

A school employee says:

The admin swiftly removed the corpse and advised us to go back to class as usual. The professors assumed the corpse belonged to “a homeless guy who died of natural reasons.”

Many people believed having students on campus was ridiculous, but once they arrived, it was over. It was even more surprising that little inquiry was done and the whole area was swiftly pressure cleaned, they said.

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Broeksmit has been missing for almost a year, and his last recorded sighting was on April 6 on Griffith Park’s Riverside Drive in a Mini Cooper. The LAPD requested the public’s aid in locating the guy.

Scott Stedman and Late Broeksmit

Scott Stedman of Forensic News thinks he met with Broeksmit in January while investigating Deutsche Bank’s links to Russia.

They were discussing their work on a podcast only days before he vanished.

William’s adoptive father committed in 2014. Adopted as a child, Valentin Broeksmit allegedly sent journalist David Enrich hundreds of papers, including bank info.

As part of its investigation of Trump’s links to Deutsche Bank, Erskine was regularly subpoenaed.

This jobless rock musician’s father was characterized as “Deutsche Bank’s unofficial conscience and longtime confidant.”

“Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction” regularly mentioned Broeksmit and his facts.

“My primary character, Val, has always motivated me,” Enrich tweeted after Broeksmit died. Any hiccups hurt me.”

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