Arifureta Season 2 Release Date | Cast | What Happens in Arifureta Season 2?

Arifureta Season 2 Release Date: Arifureta is an anime series based on Ryo Shirakome’s light novel series of the same name, which he illustrated.

In December 2017, the series was announced, and the first episode was set for December 3, 2017. The premiere date was moved to April 15, 2018, because of “various challenges.”

Kazuyuki Fudeyasu would have written the story, White Fox would have animated it, and Atsuo Tobe would have designed the characters in the original version. However, Jun Kamiya was chosen to direct the movie.

Following a delay, Kinji Yoshimoto was named as the director and studio Assad as the animators on April 29, 2018, and they worked together.

A character designer named Atsuo Tobe was dropped in favor of Chika Kojima, and Shichi Sat and Kinji Yoshimoto were hired to write the screenplay instead of Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. The show’s soundtrack was made by Ry Takahashi.

When Will Arifureta Season 2 Be Released?

Season 2 of “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” will premiere on Japanese television during the Winter 2022 anime season, according to Anime Collective. It does not yet have a definite release date, although it is currently scheduled for January 2022.

arifureta season 2

People who want to watch “Arifureta” dubbed will probably have to wait a few weeks after the Japanese broadcast before they can watch the dubbed episodes online for free. Funimation owns “Arifureta” in English now.

It premiered in Japan on July 8, 2021, and in the US on July 22, 2021, for Season 1. New episodes of “Arifuretasecond” will be available on Mondays at 9:30 am if the show’s season stays on the same timetable. EDT.

The second and third DVDs of Season 1 had two short OVAs. This set came out four months after the end of Season 1. If OVAs are made, they’ll be available three to four months after the Japanese ending.

Who Will Appear in Arifureta Season 2?

According to Monsters & Critics, the majority of “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest’s” Season 1 Japanese voice cast will return for the anime’s second season.

Toshinari Fukamachi plays the main character, Hajime Nagumo, while Yuuki Kuwahara plays Yue, Hajime’s vampire love interest. The actors that play Hajime’s classmates will also return.

  • Minami Takahashi portrays Shea Haulia
  • Youko Hikasa portrays Tio Klarus
  • Saori Ounishi portrays Kaori Shirasaki
  •  Yumi Hanamori portrays Shizuku Yaegashi.

Season 2 of “Arifureta” will also include two new main characters: –

  • Noriko Shibasaki will play Liliana S. B. Heiligh,
  • the princess of the Land of Heilig and an artist.

Tortus was also created by Noint, an emissary of the god Ehit. Rina Satou will play her in the upcoming season.

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What Happens in Arifureta Season 2?

Season 2 of “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” has no official narrative information yet, however, we may make reasonable guesses based on Season 1’s ending and known source material.

According to “Arifureta” fans on Reddit, season 1 adapted the first four volumes of the manga (although it also left out several major moments).

There are six more volumes of “Arifureta” manga that might be adapted for the anime.

arifureta season 2

By the conclusion of Season 1, Hajime had morphed from a scorned otaku to a rogue bad child. At the conclusion of the season, Hajime and his classmates defeated the demon-allied magician Yukitoshi Shimizu.

After defeating Shimiziu, Hajime and his pals travel through a desert to the seaside city of Eriksen.

They discover a mysterious sickness ravaging the community and set out to find a cure. In Hajime’s personal life, he’s been in a will they/won’t they dynamic with his major love interest Yue (while also hooking up with his other classmates, since this is a Harem anime).

Maybe they’ll finally get it in Season 2, but the show could easily milk it for a few more seasons.

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