Space Force Season 3: Release, Cast, Story, What to Expect from Space Force Season 3?

Space Force Season 3: Greg Daniels and Steve Carell created the American workplace comedy streaming television series Space Force for Netflix. It focuses on a group of persons tasked with developing the United States Space Force, the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Lisa Kudrow, Tawny Newsome, and Jimmy O. Yang star in it.  On May 29, 2020, it was released on Netflix with mixed reviews. It was renewed for a second season in November 2020, with the launch date set for February 18, 2022.

Space Force Season 3 Story Details

In contrast to its predecessor, Space Force season 2 explicitly establishes the framework for a subsequent plot.

In the nick of time, Dr. Chan noticed a big asteroid heading in the direction of the Earth, just as Naird was about to persuade the administration of the value of their study.

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However, the show concluded before it could tell how Naird intends to deal with the approaching tragedy, implying that this is a storyline that would be saved for a possible Space Force season 3 episode.

space force season 3

After Naird’s divorce from Maggie, who is still in jail, it’s possible he’ll start putting himself back out there to find a new relationship.

Away from the program, Erin may go on a year-long gap year, while Angela and Chan may be ready to date following their heart-to-heart. In any case, the program has plenty of stories to explore.

Who Is in Space Force Season 3 Cast?

The show’s star-studded cast has yet to see any notable departures, so you can expect all of the main players to stay if the show returns. Among those who attend are Steve Carell (General Naird), Diana Silvers (Erin Naird), John Malkovich (Dr. Mallory), and Ben Schwartz (Tony Scarapiducci), Tawny Newsome (Andrea Ali), Jimmy O Yang (Dr. Chan), and Don Lake (Brad).

space force season 3

Captain Lancaster, played by Patton Oswalt, lives alone on a spaceship between Earth and Mars (kind of, via video hookup).

Lisa Kudrow plays Maggie, Naird’s imprisoned, soon-to-be ex-wife. No one knows what Maggie did to land herself in prison, but she only made three video calls during the course of the season.

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There’s no reason for Erin to keep checking in now that she’s filed for divorce and is flying alone as an adult. Despite the fact that the character is an outsider, we doubt we’ll see Lisa Kudrow on television again. However, you never know.

What to Expect from Space Force Season 3

By the conclusion of Season 2, most of the characters are in the same scenario. The bulk of the characters elected to stay in Space Force, ensuring their own pay hikes and the branch’s future.

Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger involving a big asteroid heading towards Earth (much as Netflix’s Don’t Look Up). The team discovers the asteroid due to the Hawaiin telescope coming operational.

After realizing the oncoming doom, the astronauts, scientists, and generals burst out in song (Kokomo by The Beach Boys), a flashback to season 1.

Space Force Season 3 Expected Release Date

That is the million-dollar question that fans want to be answered, but the bad news is that we don’t know the answer yet. Netflix normally gives a show a month to assess how well it performs on the service before deciding whether or not to renew it.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see the show again until at least early 2023, if at all. Because the season two finale was so tense. Season three has a lot of promise, and perhaps even an expectation from the writer, Greg Daniels.

space force season 3

No, an asteroid would not suffice for a comeback. Is there less trust in the show, or was it simply an issue of logistics? A little research supports the latter because the same thing happened with Daniels’ previous show, Upload.

Just like Upload, it went from ten to seven episodes. “I shot literally immediately before Space Force in Vancouver with a lot of the same team, which is basically the Upload crew, so I just sort of borrowed that for Space Force,” a source told Collider.

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Both shows are in their second seasons. The events were also shot during the height of COVID restrictions, which would have made it more difficult to set up and move around in a safe manner.


It’s just a matter of time until the writers of Space Force 3 announce renewal. And although the crew is presently saddened by the budget loss, the money will undoubtedly be recovered once the audience is eagerly awaiting the show’s start.

Sadly, it may be too late to screen after that, maybe in 2024.

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