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Ink Master Season 8 (2022): Does This Entry Deserve To Win?

ink master season 8

Ink Master Season 8 (2022): In the United States, “Ink Master” is a reality program in which individuals are ejected at the end.

Season 1 lasted around 41–42 minutes. Season 2 lasted around one hour.

The program is focused on competition between tattoo artists who are skilled at creating one-of-a-kind designs. They compete in order to hone their talents and become better tattoo artists.

This television program has a cast of both amateurs and professionals. Each episode bids farewell to one of them. They are awarded the title of Ink Master as well as $100,000. Half of the group of 16 have previously been on the program, while the other half are rookies.

The winner is picked from within this group of sixteen.

Ink Master Season 8 features Peck versus Nuez. The season ran from August 23 to December 6, 2016, and included 16 episodes. The event is hosted and judged by Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, alongside regular judges Chris Nez and Oliver Peck.

Inked Magazine’s cover, a Dodge Charger, a guest spot at their respective team captain’s shop (Oliver Peck’s Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas or Chris Nuez’s Handcrafted in Ft. Lauderdale), and the title of Ink Master.

Release Date

This article will discuss the television show, which has been one of the most popular on American television for the last seven seasons.

Fans of the series just received fantastic news: the show’s makers have officially opted to renew it for the ninth season. “Ink Master” season 8 premiered on August 23, 2016, as confirmed by “Spike TV,” the show’s production company.

Characters and Cast

The show’s unique concept is the result of the efforts of such eminent executive producers as

Dave Navarro serves as host and lead judge throughout the seasons, while his co-hosts and top assistants in the eighth season are Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, both of whom understand the tattoo artist as well as Dave.

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Is This Entry Deserving of Winning?

This campaign aimed to increase the number of individuals who watched and participated in the Ink Master Season 8 Live Finale, which aired on television. Voting options included in-show Twitter hashtag voting, Facebook voting, Facebook Live, and a live broadcast on

People were instructed to go to the Ink Master Facebook page to pick the tattoo designs that those artists will perform in advance and during the live finale event.

Each round of voting takes a week. A day before the performance, Facebook Live was utilized to advertise the Ink Master Live Finale. One for each contender throughout their seven-hour live tattoo, and one when our live broadcast started.

People may view the tattoos of the three finalists during a seven-hour live broadcast on

Analyzing and Classifying

Panel of Experts

Judges: There are three key judges who sit at the table of the law. In order to find the winner of Ink Master, they’ll vote on who had the best tattoo of the day and who was kicked out.

In order to stay alive, one member of the other team will be put on trial. Explain to the judges next why that artist was chosen. Episode 10 is the first time that all of the artists will be giving each other critiques.


The three Facebook voting polls together got 676k votes. They reached 2.42 million people and had 691 thousand video views. Over 181k people saw the live stream on every platform.

#InkRyan, #InkKelly, and #InkGian were collectively tweeted 107k times during the 14-minute voting period. On the day of the finals, we had 2.5 million organic impressions on Twitter and trended both #InkRyan and #InkMaster.

According to Nielsen Social Guide, we were the night’s top trending topic.

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